Abe assassination raises questions about security for VIPs in Japan

By Yoshifumi Takemoto and Ju-min Park

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Are these people in the photo taking photoshoots at the site of the murder?

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Are these people in the photo taking photoshoots at the site of the murder?

Did you read the caption of the photo?

Ichiro Matsui, leader of the Japan Innovation Party, left, poses for a photo with a candidate in Tokyo on June 28.

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Security for VIPs is one thing.

Security of regular citizens is on stake.

Japan is not so safe country that it used to be.

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Campaigning dangerous of foreign threat while the real threat is from domestic done by Japanese people that being born and raised in Japanese by Japanese citizen.

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The "safe country" mantra led to complacency and finally to lax security for a man whose nationalistic posturing always stirred controversy. Heads should roll for those responsible for the failure to protect Abe.

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Did this guy have inside knowledge, Oswald knew Kennedy route on Daily Plaza,it not like he showed up out of the blue,knowed the time and date,

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I am a foreigner, and shook Abe’s hand once years ago after a stump speech in western Japan, circa 2013 when he was PM. I wasn’t frisked before that, so I don’t think the loose security is a new thing.

This is mostly a case of a rare whack job psycho, and I guess Japanese politicians will opt to continue as they have historically, rather than go into shells.

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Well Japan should learn from my country where the taxpayers money is used to provide security to third rate political wannabes who are not half the men that Abe was.

Or maybe Japan should not learn.

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Fxgai, wackos are prevalent in all society,even some are politician

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There is almost 3 seconds between the first shot which misses Abe and the second fatal shot. Officers in charge of Abe's security should have stayed near him during the speech and they should have wrestled Abe to the ground and covered him before the second shot.

Two SPs tried to block the line of fire using a bulletproof briefcase and they rushed to help Abe lying on the ground but it took them more than 6 seconds until they reached him.

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Mr. Abe has paid the ultimate price for the failure of security personal around him to detect and eliminate any harm or danger to him.

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It's one person! One assassination! It's not about "VIPs in Japan."

Let's get off the knee jerk and not blow it out of all proportion!

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"The person needs to be covered from all directions" -- you don't have to be a VIP security specialist to know that. Will the people who failed to protect Abe be punished for their incompetence? Of course not -- this is Japan!

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How do you define VIP?

My kids are really important to me. Should i be hiring a team of bodyguards to walk them to school?

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Peace had made these security personal slack off in recent years. Not as alert for danger as in the past when there was still many political chaos. They need more training.

But i understand is a hard thing to do trying to balance things out when these politicians do these open venues speeches. Shaking hands with supporters and getting close to them to make pictures and answering questions.

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Gun control, knowledge control,lots of people are gonna want make one themselves,I am squeamish about gun

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There basically was no security. The shooter got within a few yards of Abe. The first shot missed and he had three seconds to gather himself for the second shot, which allegedly killed Abe.

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Has nothing to do with firearms, even someone with a big rock could have delivered a fatal blow with that poor level of security on his six

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