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Abe shooter faces additional charges of making gun, damaging building


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"Damaging building", ok

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After the shooting, so many politicians were trying to hide their association from this so-called church and now that the media is not covering the story that nothing has changed the same old.

This man's story should be told in full, but I am sure there is going to be a gag when he goes to Court, and we will never get the full circumstances. Again, the same old, cover up for the politicians and the police lag security. The police power in this country is shocking and you never want to get arrested in this country, and if you are innocent the police will not provide you with a lawyer when they interrogate you and the laws that are in place in N. America do not exist here.

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for allegedly making a gun and damaging a building by test-firing it,

Multiple charges on top existing charges that's how Japan really doing it, regardless suspect innocent or no.

Meanwhile, some of Yamagami's sympathizers have sent him food, clothes and cash totaling over 1 million yen ($7,500) from across the country, according to sources familiar with the matter. He wants to use the money "for the people suffering from the harm wrought" by the Unification Church

Meanwhile how many people involved with that Church being arrested?

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He wants to use the money "for the people suffering from the harm wrought" by the Unification Church, one of the sources quoted him as saying.

See, he is a good hearted citizen.

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He was additionally charged for damaging the asphalt on the ground with his face when the security guards tackled him.

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I guess prosecutors have to do things exactly as they are supposed to do, even if it makes not much sense.

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He is also charged with obstructing Abe's election activities by shooting him.

Was he really, I am not sure.

Japan being absurd is nothing new.

Do you really think the guy told himself "My main point is to obstruct the election activities' ! ?

So then he could be charged with anything that existed as a charge on Earth, like he confused me morally so I need now medical attention. LOL

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What could be worse than getting life in prison or the death penalty? Waste of public money.

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We already know this man will never see the light of day again. Why tack on these embarrassing extra charges like "damaging a building," (a unification church, btw) and "obstructing Abe's election activities?"

If you think this guy will ever see the light of day again, that's not how the LDP works. The assassination is enough to probably get him the death sentence. The man single-handedly shed light on yet another corruption in the government. As little as it may be, he assisted in whittling down the LDP's support... So, he's gone.

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One of Japan's more unusual surprises to me is their sense of humor for the absurd. I'm starting to understand where that comes from... additional charges of "making a gun and damaging a building by test-firing it". I kind of think the main and most important charge, one that will put him away forever, just might be shooting and killing former PM Abe.

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Do you really think the guy told himself "My main point is to obstruct the election activities' ! ?

Is intent required for this charge? If it's not, it's irrelevant whether he thought that to himself or not.

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For sure they will find other charges in two years and all paid with our taxes.

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Gosh it took them long enough to bring those charges up. Stuff we have known since basically day 1. These prosecutors need to get a move on. Talk about snail pace.

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Why is he getting so much media attention? He shouldn't even be named. Just call him "individual". We don't need to know him any more than we already know!

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Japanese judicial system…he will sit in a cell for 23 years filing appeals until the death penalty is applied.

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BofingtonToday  12:10 pm JST

they want to remove the suspicion of an inside job by using a BS cover story.

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My guess is he will get a nominal fine for illegally making a gun, and get the assassination charge dropped by some excuse they'll fabricate.

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I’m not condoning the church’s action … I think all religions are cults …. But this dude needs to have justice administered asap ! 1st degree murder … and he wants to pass blame .!.

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