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Actress Sawajiri tests negative after admitting drug use


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Seems pretty clear. She's a recreational user, not a hardened druggy.

MDMA, marijuana, LSD are not additive. Cocaine can be addictive for many people, but not all.

She's high-profile, but 1-pill?

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Drug can be traced in hair.

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if she would have kept her mouth close and had not kept any product at her house, she could have quite possibly side step this whole situation with the right legal counseling.

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Shoulda kept her mouth shut.

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Just reading on the news here and there that the police may not have any legal reason to hold her. They arrested her on suspicion that she had taken drugs at a particular event but she denies that, and her voluntary urine test almost immediately afterwards (in which something should have shown up) proved she was clean. Most of what she admits to took place abroad. They are now coming to the conclusion that she had no regular habit, but did occasionally take substances over the past 10 years, and that recently she was preparing herself for next year's big role in the Taiga Drama. In other words, not much to pin on her, despite her singing voice.


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show us one purity test results why dontcha?

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Many folks just cannot grasp the simple reality that MOST humans like to change the default setting of their their consciousness, usually with the aid of intoxicants to depress or stimulate the mind. As everybody ought to know, there is a major mismatch between addictive legal substances that cause debilitating health problems, lethal overdoses, mental illness, murder and suicide, and much less addictive and harmful illegal substances which should be legalized and controlled to reduce their potential harmful consequences for individuals and society. The Sawajiri case highlights how far behind the science curve Japanese legislators lie.

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My concern is not that she did the drugs, its her privacy that matters and what she does should not be posted all over the media. The concern is where and from who is she procuring the drugs? If the police know that MDMA is a popular street drug especially among young people, what exactly is being done to curb this.

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According to the article I posted above, she says the capsules were given to her by a male acquaintance and she was keeping them for him. The police are now investigating him as a possible key to this whole thing, apparently.

Perhaps she should be arrested for wasting police time. Or should the police should be charged with ruining a person's good name and career?

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What's the big deal.

They'll let her go anyway.

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With this news, the media (and government) has a very good opportunity to run a complementary stories about addiction in general and health

The problem being that they'd be painting someone as an addict even though she had no drugs in her system, even after a night of partying. There isn't anything in particular to indicate that she had any addiction, nor that she was anything more than a recreational user.

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Most of what she admits to took place abroad.

I don't know if it would matter if it were domestic. It seems that possession is a crime, but I feel I've read that having it in your system is not a crime. So unless they catch you with the drugs, they cannot charge her.

Which puts her in a problem since she was in possession.

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Educator60, thanks for that clarification. I have had to go back and read it again. The article says that recently, (since the beginning of shooting) she had been keeping herself sober/straight (cutting out intoxicants) in preparation for next year's Taiga Drama.

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PS Ooops. Perhaps 'in preparation for' was not appropriate. 'In light of' her acting for next year's T.............

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When the Israel dealers who used to ride motor scooters around Roppoing dealing got busted, police went though their cell phones, detained everyone for 23 days during which they were drug tested, ransacked their homes, caused lots of damage at work for those suspects. Moral of story - never call your dealer from your own phone, us phone of someone you don't like.

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The problem being that they'd be painting someone as an addict even though she had no drugs in her system, even after a night of partying. There isn't anything in particular to indicate that she had any addiction, nor that she was anything more than a recreational user

That doesn’t really matter to the police or the media, though. Remember the story about the rugby player caught with cocaine? According to the media and police, he was clearly an addict because he admitted to doing cocaine once a month. ONCE A MONTH. I don’t care what the substance is, if you only do it once a month you’re not addicted. When it comes to drugs, the authorities and media in Japan are so distanced from reality it’s really pretty frightening.

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I hope Japan doesn't slide down the slippery slope of becoming a drug infested mess like my home country. Drugs are absolutely killing the place. -People stumbling down the streets out of thier minds, crazed, unemployed, violent, you name it. Terribly sad waste of life.

For the people's sakes, whatever it takes, the Japanese authorities need to maintain a firm stance on drugs.

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NHK have already chosen and announced Kawaguchi Haruna to replace her; they plan to reshoot the first ten scenes and everything before the beginning of January 2020.


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There are just too many police in this country. And, rather than enforcing the law, they seem to make up the law as they go along. The whole force could be cut by 80%, except I am afraid a good number of those laid off would turn to organized crime.

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Shoulda kept her mouth shut.

Wouldna done any good, someone blabbed and the cops found the one dose capsule in her home.

Don't the cops have anything better to do than arrest someone for possession of one dose of an illegal drug?

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I am on split mind on this whole drug thing. On one hand, every person should be the owner of his/her own body, deciding what to put into it and what not. People who have no ownership of their own bodies used to be called slaves.

On the other hand, it is true that some drugs are really horrific. I think police are right to go after drug dealers who make profits, but wasting police ressources on someone about having what, a trace amount of extacy in a drawer? That is just pathetic.

Common sense is lacking here.

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Drugs are bad.

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If you believe drugs are bad, I suggest you never use any ever again and refuse everything your doctor wants to prescribe you too. Don't forget to chuck out the bufferin too.

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Michael Machida:

Drugs are bad.

Well, gee, I am glad we have a profound final insight that settles all questions!

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Drugs are bad.

Penicillin has saved millions of lives. Coffee is known to be a stimulant with positive effects. A glass of wine a day is good for your health.

Your comment is so broad as to be useless. There are plenty of situations in which drugs are good.

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