Ad agency ADK reports bid rigging for Tokyo Olympic test events


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Japan Inc. and IOC... rotten to the absolute core

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...could face imprisonment of up to five years or fines of up to 5 million yen. Corporations could face fines of up to 500 million yen.

Chickenfeed. Pocket change for those involved, tax write offs for companies.

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If convicted, individuals involved in the alleged collusion for the test event contracts could face imprisonment of up to five years

I doubt this will happen. In Japan, rich people almost never go to prison.

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At this point it may be faster to list which participants are not suspected to be involved in some kind of corruption.

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The Olympics in Japan always reeks of corruption. They should be barred from hosting future ones for awhile.

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And overseeing everything was Shinzo Abe.

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According to the organizing committee, which is in the process of liquidation,

‘Love it, just love it ……process of liquidation.

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Tokyo 2021 was one big, rotten, rigged, crooked farce. Only the taxpayers are not laughing.

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And the hits just keep on comin'....

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