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Aichi police officer arrested over attempted rape 4 years ago


A 29-year-old Aichi prefectural police officer has been arrested for attempting to sexually assault a woman in her apartment in Nagoya City four years ago.

According to prefectural police officials, in September 2011, the suspect, Koto Tsumozuk, broke into a woman's apartment while she was sleeping and allegedly attempted to rape her, Fuji TV reported.

Following his arrest, Tsumozuki confessed to having stalked his victim several days beforehand, and entered the apartment through an unlocked window. He was also quoted as saying he had been stressed out, and had committed similar acts countless times before.

Police are re-examining similar cases in Nagoya to determine Tsumozuki's involvement.

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cop should be protecting people not harming them

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Glad to see Koto-san using get out of jail free card with stressed-out plea

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@The Principle: I hear what you're saying, but I still think stress itself is not the underlying reason. IMHO stress is a result of something else that an individual believes is a serious problem. These problems can be serious, like financial hardship, or maybe not so serious, like romantic rejection; but if the individual feels it is a big enough problem, then they will feel "stressed"..... then add to that stress, a failure to understand why it's wrong to hurt other people (ie.mental illness, or just a bad upbringing), and voila! ...you get this guy.

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Four years on the loose... and he was supposed to be enforcing the law all these years?! He should be forced to repay four years' worth of salary to the taxpayers!!

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This society seems to thrive on giving people stress. Its a wonder there are not more crimes like this. Instead there are an awful lot of suicides.

But, sorry folks, I buy the explanation that this is a form of stress relief. Not saying it excuses him, but it is something that people do. Its an aspect of a lot of crimes, its just that we non-Japanese tend to focus on other reasons, and yes, there are other reasons besides stress relief. Just try and think about it more holistically. Hardly anybody does any thing so major for one single solitary reason. And whatever vices we may have, stress tends to push us deeper into them or back to them when we try to quit.

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Cmon man...he wasn't stressed. Its just a stupid excuse to gain some sympathy from fellow cops. My jobs is so stressful...you know how it is...please go easy on me!

If reality, he's nothing more than a common criminal just like many other cops.

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There really needs to be a class offered in Japanese schools to teach people how to deal with stress. Stress seems to be a significant reason given by suspects for their criminal behaviour.

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A real night prowler. Since he didn't actually raper her, I wonder how the punishment will fit the crime. Aren't cops supposed to be held to high standards? Seems like japan's police force (nation wide) have lots sexual predators in their ranks.

@Mirai. Agree with you. If anything, stalking her and planning the whole rape sounds too stressful in itself. I'd rather pound cold beers, go hiking or fishing. I don't get it either.

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He was also quoted as saying he had been stressed out, and had committed similar acts countless times before.

Why? Why is it always the same stupid and lame excuse?? I really don't get it. I'm stressed too, but never have I thought of breaking into a woman's apartment to rape her. How is this going to relieve stress.

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You can only be young once but you can always be immature!

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"Stressed out".

Another cop, another cop out.

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Perfectly understandable!!! Lots of men go out and try to rape women when they feel stressed out right?? I sure that stressed out J-cops all over japan agree! You either have to try and take up skirt photos,get busted for driving drunk or attempt to rape an woman!

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Anything new in the news?

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Committed similar acts countless times.

He is a sex predator, how come his arrest came so late? What about you other victims ? Do not believe there is a safe place on earth, if you believed someone is trustworthy or you might in tragedy

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Yup another J cop. I actually know one cop who used to be a bosozoku and he told me that its common practice to recruit cops from the biker gangs, so this news really doesn't surprise me anymore. Some of the Bobbys here used to be perps.

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He was also quoted as saying he had been stressed out, and had committed similar acts countless times before.

The chances were that in this case, the woman fought back against the suspect and barely fend off the attacker causing him to get away. Then, did he rape some of other women in other cases? I mean not attempted rape.

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I see the usual J-police criteria for becoming a cop are at work. And it took them FOUR YEARS to build a case? I do not understand how on earth it could possibly take so long unless they were intentionally waiting so that any testimony can be deemed questionable to the time that has passed since the attempted rape (and confessed rape of others) occurred and he'll only be fired instead of imprisoned.

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

Wonder how they picked him up? Cases that are four years old tend to be put on the back burner. There is more to this than meets the eye. Did his name come up in connection with something else?

Whatever the case, it is all academic, the phrase "re-examining similar cases" basically means that this chap has just become flypaper, anything and everything will be made to stick.

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He was also quoted as saying he had been stressed out, and had committed similar acts countless times before.

Another pathetic excuse. How can "stress" be the cause to a premeditated act like this? Get drunk, take up boxing, go karaoke, heck, go to the soaplands! Basically what he is saying is "I'm a 29 year old loser who has no self control and cannot function in our society so please remove me from it".

I know that ranting about it here will do nothing, but I'm really getting sick of the pathetic excuses these people can so shamelessly say on record.

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And why wait 4 years? Japanese justice at work when it comes to one of it's own.

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