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Air Self-Defense Force base worker arrested for molesting woman


A 46-year-old man who works in the administration division of a Japan Air Self-Defense Force base in Gifu City has been arrested on suspicion of sexually molesting a 19-year-old woman as she walked home, police said Sunday.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 11:20 p.m. Saturday. Police say the suspect, Masaki Kogure, came up behind the woman on a sidewalk, lifted up her dress and then groped her bottom, Sankei Shimbun reported. A male pedestrian witnessed the incident and called 110. He then chased Kogure and caught him at Gifu Station where he was held until police arrived.

Police said Kogure, who is from Kagamigahara in Gifu Prefecture, was drunk at the time of his arrest and that he and the woman do not know each other.

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"I thought she looked like my type."

Haven't we seen this story before...?

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It's not alcohol's bad, it's your bad.

Throw the book at him, and say goodbye to your career numbskull.

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the new excuse to any crimes, {was drunk...}

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"lifted up her dress and then groped her bottom" wow that's pretty bold, and intrusive.

but he'll probably just get a J-slap on the wrist, no serious jail time, i.e. reduction in rank, pay fines, get transferred and allowed to retire.

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"lifted up her dress and then groped her bottom"

on a public road too.

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"46-year-old man" groping a 19 yr old girl in public- just pathetic, lock him up.

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His wife and kids are going to be really impressed...

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expatToday  10:30 am JST

His wife and kids are going to be really impressed...

If he even has a wife and kids...

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Being drunk should be part of the offense, not part of the defense.

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