Akita man arrested over attempted extortion for sex and songs


In recent years, Japan has been inundated with phone scams like one known as "Ore Ore Sagi" (Hey it’s me! con). This involves a young man calling an elderly woman pretending to be her son. He then claims he was in some kind of trouble and asks her to send money via bank transfer.

In a completely new take on this well-known scam, Shigeyuki Goto was arrested on suspicion of extortion and attempted extortion by phone. However, instead of the typical monetary gain he was hoping his victims could sing him a song.

Police in Yokote, Akita Prefecture, have picked up the 46 year-old unemployed man after finding him through phone records and other means. He has admitted to the charge, authorities say.

In one case, Goto allegedly called a woman in her 40s at home last April and disguised his voice as a little boy saying, “I was taken to a stranger’s place!” Then returning to his real voice, he told the woman, “Your son was kidnapped. If you want him returned, have sex with me.”

As they were hashing out the details, a family member contacted the school who confirmed that the boy was in fact safe and attending class. The woman then promptly refused his demand.

In August, Goto allegedly struck again, this time changing tactics for a more “reasonable” ransom. Calling a woman in her 20s at her workplace, he disguised his voice as an old lady and pleaded “I want you to come back!”

Then, Goto, who is apparently a master impressionist, returned to his normal voice and threatened “Your mother is tied up. Do you want to help her?” When she agreed, he demanded that she “sing a song,” among other minor tasks. When the woman heard his request, she began to question the situation.

Source: Sakigake

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This one takes the cake!- I just can't believe what some folks will stoop to & this is really funny as well as Mighty Low!

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this belongs in the "weird news" section. i think JT wouldn't have any problems finding stories that fit.

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I don't get this. You mean a mother can't tell her own kids voice on the phone, nor a woman can't tell the voice of her own mother? I could understand somewhat if you have not heard from them from a long time, but in these cases the people had pretty much daily contact (in the case with the mother and school age child) and if she can't tell there is probably something more going on.

This guy was weird. I wonder what he was unemployed from.

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This guy was weird. I wonder what he was unemployed from.

By his apparent level of intelligence, I'm betting either a cop or politician.

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Sounds like the guy has mental health issuses.

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If he had the skills of that dude from the Police Academy films, he could have impersonated machine guns, whips, and other screams, and probably could have gotten away with it...

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Japan needs more mental clinics!

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Goto, who is apparently a master impressionist

Was this the author's attempt at humor? Either way, if this guy put together a street act, he could probably make a few yenjamins.

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“Your son was kidnapped. If you want him returned, have sex with me.”

As they were hashing out the details...ha ha ha! I would LOVE to hear about THAT part! The hashing of the details!

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Sing a song? Really?

I want to get a woman to do things for me. The last one I threatened still wouldn't have sex with me... next woman I will have to try to scare her into doing karaoke.

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What a good idea. That might work for me. "I will return the kid if you promise NOT to force me to have sex with you for a year". Regards, your husband.

-1 ( +1 / -2 )

sounds like something out of TV Blooper show

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Well, a long as it's not a coerced duet...

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seems like the only way to stop this "SCAM" is if everyone gets VIDEO phones.

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