Suspect in Osaka police officer stabbing sent to prosecutors


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I've been following this news on TV. So scary that he was able to stab the cop seven times and take his gun away (not sure if that was the order in which it happened). They still don't know what the motive was.

I hope the cop survives.

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I read that the policeman is recovering, which is great if true.

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I read that the policeman is recovering, which is great if true.


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The policeman had to have part of a lung removed, I doubt if he can return to policing.

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Yesterday there were reports about the continuing use of the Kobans and whether the safety of the policemen was more important. They could still be attacked when on the streets. They could build screen protection in the Kobans. They could provide better unarmed training with refresher courses. They could ensure the gun is chained to the officer. Kobans play an important role although many have disappeared with cuts.

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