Criminal complaint filed against ex-American football coaches over dirty tackle


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How about the player? even if it's true it's not like they were controlling his body, he's as guilty as them if not more.

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Interesting turn of events here, and it will also be very interesting to see how the prosecutors and police handle this case due to all the media coverage it has received so far.

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It's nothing that can't be solved by a fat brown envelope

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“How about the player? even if it's true it's not like they were controlling his body, he's as guilty as them if not more.”

Well, he did a press conference before the coaches, explaining how the incident came about, fully admitting his responsibility, apologizing for his actions, and vowing to never play football again. Unlike the coaches, he seems to be genuinely contrite and not lying to save his own skin. That, and the fact they understand the immense pressure he was under, is why the victim and others are asking for leniency for him. The injured player even said he hopes Miyazawa will change his mind and return to the sport and that they can meet in the field as opppnents again in a fairly played game.

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These guys must be shocked as hell the “moushiwakenai” bow is not only not enough, and they not only were banned, but now may likely face criminal charges! That’s the way you have to do it, here: show this kind of thing on the news all the time, and involve top ranking institutions to the point of tarnishing their names and the bureaucrats who have invested in them.

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hat, and the fact they understand the immense pressure he was under,

"immense' seems a tad too strong. We are talking about amateurs/students here, there was no pro contract nor big NFL career on the line. Miyagawa should have known better.

I think exonerating the players from blame is far too easy and would set a dangerous precedent. Ultimately, perpetrators (in this case players) should always be held responsible for their actions (at least partially).

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Just curious, as we know almost everything about the player that was hit, why aren't the local news programs showing his face? A quick online search will show some of his face pictures, but why isn't the press allowed to show it?

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The scrutiny is getting intense and the two capos are running for cover.

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That's what happens when sports coaches say lies in public, they were private institution workers where they automatically were condemned the heaviest punishment, I saw on tv this morning. The unfairness I find in Japan is: 2 top-leaders still lying the whole time, even there are a mount of paper evidences shown, no punishment and they still on the same position to govern the country. Why Japan have this so different handling in scandals, the private workers to the public workers+politicians? I naturally thought the coaches were guilty as well as the 2 top-leaders, but...

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This is such a blatant foul by the player.

So now...the guy says my coach said to hit someone hard (which he probably did say). Did he say do it outside of the rules?? NO.

All my Japanese friends are supportive of the player but I think it is a reactionary response to a societal problem.

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Think we must remeber that the player committed 3 illegal hits. Not just one. That is not all on the coaches. I'm just saying one late hit maybe two... but 3. The player is just as guilty as the coaches.

Fines and lifetime bans... no need for the police, the injured player will play football again so it's not as if they tried to kill him.

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