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Another man arrested in case of 2 burnt bodies found in Tochigi


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We will later find out that the reason for these murders were related to money. I am sure of it!

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There guys are the scum of the earth.

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Glad they got this guy Sasaki. They'll be wanting to know what his motive was, how he could afford the 10 million yen pay-off, and if there was someone behind him too, higher up.

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I notice a lot of criminals flee to Okinawa. That's one place the cops often keep an eye out for. If I were on the run, I'd just drive or take a bus to somewhere like Nagoya or Osaka and try to blend in as well as I can while staying on the down low.

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The word is this guy had enemies in the restaurant business because he managed to OPEN new restaurants in the Ueno / Tokyo area while other people’s businesses suffered due to the “COVID” pandemic.

People wanted him out of the way and this is how he paid for his hard work and no doubt long hours being there.

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We will later find out that the reason for these murders were related to money. I am sure of it!

I dont think anyone disagrees with that theory...

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The Sasaki guy looks like another hired thug and not a criminal mastermind. I doubt they will be able to follow this up to the source.

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People think they can “escape” to Okinawa and they’re not going to be recognized, just like John Holmes did to Florida thinking nobody would know who is was, gotcha’

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So it seems they arrested yet another perp, a 20 year old. I am sure they will get all of the low-level thugs who committed the murder, but I doubt they get to the person who gave the orders.

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