Another mutilated cat found in Tokyo taking tally to 20 since April


The body of another mutilated cat was found in Tokyo's Kita Ward this week, bringing the total of such mutilations to more than 20 in three wards since April.

Police said Wednesday the latest discovery was made in the parking lot of a residence in Kita Ward at around 8 a.m. Monday, TV Asahi reported. The cat's skin had been partially flayed off, police said.

Police said the cat was likely killed somewhere else as there was no blood at the scene.

Since April, the bodies of more than 20 cats have been found with their heads or legs cut off in Kita, Nerima and Itabashi wards.

Mutilated pigeons and rabbits have also been found over the past few weeks in Chiba, police said.

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There is one sick person out there that the cops need to find right quick before they escalate beyond cats and other animals to humans!

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All animal cruelty is wrong and can be the first sign of a mental disease that does not stop from violence against humans too. It's a disease of the psyche and this type of violence is not the result of a slight split personality but a symptom of a profound disturbance. There is a connection between animal abuse and criminal violence. Murderers often start as children to kill or torture animals. This cold blooded person needs professional help.

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I agree with the previous posters. Hopefully the police take these crimes seriously and get this person off the streets as quickly as possible.

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Whenever you let your cat out alone, you're exposing it to the danger of running into this kind of sicko. Keep your pets at home, people.

This may be more than one person if they're operating in Tokyo and Chiba, or the same person (working in Tokyo and living in Chiba?). Either way it/they need to be caught and dealt with as quickly as possible.

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"one sick person" / "this cold blooded person" / "this person"

Why is everyone assuming that it is ONE PERSON when the sheer number of cases and widespread nature of the locations indicate something far more sinister.

@cleo - "This may be more than one person if they're operating in Tokyo and Chiba"

Thanks for paying attention!! :-)

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I agree that this might be the doings of multiple persons. This kind of things can give influence and inspire another unrelated person to do the same. I believe it's called copycat crime (no pun intended).

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