Another senior education ministry official arrested for corruption


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That makes 2 down.

How many more to come?

And just the education ministry?

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Investigate the number of former MoE flunkies now working at universities throughout the country, at Eiken/STEP, ETS/TOEIC and various textbook publishers if you really want to know the extent of the problem.

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No surprise here really. there are some really vindictive types out here folks!

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That some one has been caught is not a problem provided there are strict rules in place and they are enforced then it is just the system working. It’s only a problem if this is not the case; then you are in deep brown stuff!

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I always find it somewhat interesting when Japanese public and elected officials are "caught" committing a crime. You see.... and of course this sounds very stupid, but someone or some entity is doing the catching and usually for a reason. And you know Japan, things happen by consensus along the lines of the "keiretsu" system. Basically, before we ever hear about it there probably is a lot of discussion about whether or not this will ever be prosecuted or even "see the light of day". So why was this guy "caught"? Well... the old "give and take" comes to mind. All to often around the world and especially in Japan. If you "take", and when I say "take" I mean, when you go after someone. You talk to your guys and say, hey, I need something to put me over the top, to get me elected or to make me look good for a promotion. Well, you could "take" someone down."  Ahhh.... all well and good, but you also need to make sure you stuff don't stink too. Because there will be reprisals. And right now in Politicians are playing hardball within the Ministry of Education due to the Abe scandal. In Japan, and many other places, when a Politician goes down or a Public Official, there is usually a long story behind why because most corruption never sees the light of day.

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…..this stuff is rampant in ALL areas of govt all up & down & across Japan!

The problem is that institutional corruption is MASSIVE & there are many willing participants.

If they were ever all charged the govt & bureaucracies would lose a LOT of staff, especially in the 45+ crowd!

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SOP Japan. The US has the rotating lobbyist system where politicians and bureaucrats become lobbyists for their old departments after retirement, and of course the retired military who then work for Defence or the Military Industrial Complex. Japan has the amakudari or descending from heaven, which is basically the same, except much more organised. Staff virtually know on entry to the ministries to which company they will end up an advisor to or director of, and behave accordingly.

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Have to wonder if the education ministry is being cleaned of those not suitable for enacting the coming Nippon Kaigi agenda.

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Mr Suga says it “poses a grave problem”.

I say it EXPOSES the tip of the iceberg.

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 "extremely regrettable"

uh huh

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What's sad about it is that the boss, Mr Abe, always gets away with corruptions made by his men.

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Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the latest allegation, if verified, would "pose an extremely grave problem that could profoundly undermine public trust in the education ministry."

Not hard to undermine something you dont have in the first place.

What's sad about it is that the boss, Mr Abe, always gets away with corruptions made by his men.

Right, As head of the government he is responsible for those under him, and I am typically the LAST person to defend Abe, but this is ludicrous.

It's like saying that Abe is responsible for the beat cop who got nailed for molesting a teenager. The cop is komuin, and as leader of the government Abe IS are fishing here that's all.

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Not even remotely surprised at this .

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pose an extremely grave problem

The only extremely grave problem mate is that you are finally getting caught. Education is in the stone age here. Dull, outdated and tired methods proven to be ineffective. Kids being told what to think rather than how to think. Huge amounts of wasted time, efforts and resources. And the muppets running the show? Lining their own pockets. Figures.

Get education wrong and you kill entire generations. Make learning a boring chore and you carry that attitude for the rest of your life, disinterested in pretty much everything.

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