Anti-NHK party head referred to prosecutors for making threat


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This joker is a complete crackpot!

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First they want to commit genocide, now they threaten other politicians. These clowns definitely sound worse than NHK collectors, ironically the one thing they wanted to stand against.

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If this guy is indicted and, as he promises, steps down from his office in the Diet, he will undoubtedly, and deservedly so, be on a police watch list. His words are terroristic in nature and while he may think that king of language is ok for a politician, (no it's not, not even for the POTUS), he will soon find out words, as well as action s, have consequences.

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How is he going to protect us from NHK now?

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"I'll ruin this guy's life thoroughly,"

What's next? Mom's going to court for threatening to deny desert?

I am not sure if this guy was planted to make the usual suspect politicians look good or if they are just desperately latching on to anything to get him.

And while his sideshow goes on with regular reporting, what are the guys with the real power doing?

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And while his sideshow goes on with regular reporting, what are the guys with the real power doing?

Yes, the JP media needs to apply more scrutiny to the old-school political machine. That goes without saying.

But, that doesn't mean they should ignore this guy/party's ludicrous and insane ranting and raving.

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The only thing that surprises me about the recent news about Tachibana is how many people seem to be surprised. Many seem to have allowed their hatred of NHK blind them to the obvious unsuitability of this person to be a lawmaker.

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Yeah, too many morons I see are like "woah I like what this guy's saying!" This is the problem with taking a joke candidate seriously like this.

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