Antiterror drill held in Tokyo ahead of Rugby World Cup, Olympics


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If this was really a drill based on a real scenario, would they be stupid enough to allow the public such close access to take pictures?  Give me a break.

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That's not a terror drill, that's my gym bag of dirty undies I forgot in the locker room the last time I played rugby there a couple years ago.

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Fine, run the drill, but do it the right way if you are going to do it at all!

IF that was a bomb those 1,000 or so people looking on would be dead if the damn thing exploded. Training drills serve a purpose, and foremost is the safety and security of the people in the area, and not a media circus!

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A robotic arm with an all new human attachment. Don't the bomb squad have an actual robot controlled remotely for just this circumstance? And if there's an attack that's off scriptsed training...chaos

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Better safe than sorry no matter how silly the drill might seem.

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In this case, if it were an IED... Mass causalities, injuries, dead bomb disposal ‘expert’ and blast shield blown into bystanders: Fail.

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Looks like they're thinking of introducing "Anti-terror Drill" as a trial event for future olympics.

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Better to conduct drills rather than wait for the real thing. Yes in a real situation there would be no crowd. That's why it's called a drill.

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Ossan - I'm sure countless anti-terrorist drills have been undertaken by the relevant authorities. It's their job and no doubt they have developed specialist knowhow, skills and techniques - which we don't have a clue about, because why would they tell the baddies.

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Publicity stunt, there are too many errors in basic procedures for it to be a training exercise or a drill. 3 bomb disposal personnel in the blast zone? Shields? Even a small bast would toss those adding to the initial blasts destruction and serving no purpose for those behind. A drill would include crowd control, and I really hope their equipment goes beyond a robotic stick, the controller is so close he might as well walk up to the bag. Publicity stunt Photo op and not a serious drill or training exercise...I hope.

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So under real conditions where all just gonna stand around and take photos are we? lol

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These guys have to drill/practice like any other profession. To avoid scaremongering, keep it out of the news.

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It is true that both of these events might make Tokyo a more tempting target for some lunatic than is currently the case.  And I think that Tokyo is woefully unprepared.  We see satsu all over the place parked in their buses or holding extendable roadblocks, but the level of their awareness (beyond spotting right wing nutjobs blaring out old marching songs  and slogans and flying the old kyokujitsu-ki) is almost non-existent.

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In real-life, they'd be taking photos too, or facing backwards with a selfie-stick!

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This drill is just a public one, the vast majority of drills are done away from the public eye.

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If terrorists want to do real damage they know that there are plenty more softer targets in other cities. But the government is only interested in protecting the capital as that's the easiest way to ring the alarms.

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They're trying to create problems where none exist. It's a good political tool.

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Other countries hold drills, but usually on a large scale and don't have the public as a audience, filming everything.

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Nice one, IED in a the Stay Clear Area. Good thinking.

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Why would they spend millions doing this when they could hire one of the anti-terror drill experts commenting above me for much less?

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@DaDude - I noticed your comment was not so popular. I actually liked it. Not a bad idea.

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Forget the bomb-in-a-bag placed conveniently in an open area. The times have changed. Prepare for a van or a car driving into the crowds, or a single or group of guys armed with knives, or a suicide bomber with a backpack. Terrorists don't leave big bags anymore, do the drill properly.

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Pretty sure if that were real all those people standing there would be seriously injured. If you are going to prcatice you need to actually do it like the real thing and move those people away from the area.

or is this all for show?

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So under real conditions where all just gonna stand around and take photos are we? lol

Yes, people do because they are morons. That's why you need to get them away from the scene. Just look at the recent Tube bombing in London, plenty of footage filmed by idiots who were more interested than getting footage than listening to Tube staff telling them to move away.

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How many people were wearing backpacks on your seriously overcrowded commute to work this morning?

just saying.

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Just look at the recent Tube bombing in London, plenty of footage filmed by idiots who were more interested than getting footage than listening to Tube staff telling them to move away.

Wasn't always the way. People get stuck in; help each other out, confront would be aggressors. That old chestnut about London being cold and unfriendly and no-one willing to help... not true.

I could go into detail about unity following adversity, hope even after loss and the unique spirit that no terrorist, online warrior, clueless PotUS or blurt with a camera can take away from.

I could tell you about my own experiences but this is not a blog and besides; it's sometimes best not to give personal stuff away, even though something likes this can be an emotive subject.

There's no harm in anti-terror drills, earthquake or tsunami drills. Chances are, it's not going to happen to you or you or you. Be prepared but carry on as normal.

Don't succumb to the hysteria that others promote. Oh, the temptation to anecdote on that note!

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Too many police and no crime, but big budget.

i would be more worried about drunken rugby fans, twice the weight of j police, on a night out looking for a fight.

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While handling bags (and bombs) THAT BIG, the protection suit has the sole function of keeping all the body parts together, in case it goes of..

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Having been fortunate enough to have attended a Rugby World Cup, I think you'll find that rugby fans are extremely friendly and good-natured. You really do not need to be worried about them "on a night out looking for a fight".

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