Appeal thrown out for man sentenced to 16 years for death of son


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He is lucky it is only 16 years he should have gotten double and the mother, too. Mothers are supposed to protect their children at all costs.

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What is scary is that he will get out of prison in his early 40's and will still have the opportunity to breed. In my opinion, chemical (or otherwise) castration should be used on this guy to prevent any further chance that he would do this again.

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too short!

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how about life sentence without parole? he has no shame an guilt to appeal.

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Couple would have gotten life in other countries. Take your slap on the wrist and be quiet

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Incredibly lenient sentences.

I hope and pray for pain, misfortune and never ending misery for this scum and his evil wife.

Rest in Peace to the innocent little boy who deserved to have parents - and ended up with sadistic, sick killers.

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Shoot him with an air gun too.

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Shoot him with an air gun too.

Better still, keep him and his scum wife in dark cells for a few years - then one morning, with zero notice, take them to the gallows, tie a rope around their throats and hang them. Not a single tear will be shed.

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Yikes, 16 years sounds light. Japan needs to take better care of the few kids it has.

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The fact that he appealed shows he has no regrets.

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It’s unbelievable. Only 16 years for torturing and killing a tear old boy. Japanese law seems to treat children less than pets. It is same in many news that there’s not much punishment for killing babies and children . What a shame.

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