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Man arrested after fire kills 3 in Miyagi house


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WTF is wrong with some people? I can't even raise my voice to my family, let alone harm them, but you had no problem giving your three agonizing death

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If he doesn't deserve the death penalty in Japan, I don't know who would.

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I don't believe in the death penalty, but reading stuff like this makes me question that belief (or lack thereof). If he doesn't get it, let's hope he has a long, very, very long stint in an environment that not only nearly kills him each day, but that makes him always remember the comforts of home that he felt were so terrible he needed to set fire to.

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What an awful tragedy! The husband's motivation for setting fire is not clear for me. May victims' spirit rest in peace.

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What a disgusting animal! This is premeditated mass-murder and he should be facing the death penalty.

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bizarre doesn't get close.

That is totally ....ed-up.

is killing family becoming the latest fad? Or has it always been part of traditional culture?

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is killing family becoming the latest fad? Or has it always been part of traditional culture?

Neither. It's an ubfortunate part of humankind that has been around as long as humans. Hardly a fad, nor culture.

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Dear JT please please follow up on this case, this is the quiet possibly the most heinous thing i have read since living here for over a decade. I hope family members with start a movement utilizing all means possible to insure this animal man child get the death penalty. May they rest in peace and as Reckless said above "hopefully the poor children died from smoke before being burned."

Life is scarier than any horror movie.

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Why do you try to turn something so sad against the country as a whole?

You come across as bitter about something

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As strangerland points out, this type of appalling behavior has been around for thousands of years. Some might say that there are always these types about. Perhaps that is true. However, in this case I would argue that it would be a confirmation bias that assumed he probably was this type. He was just as likely just like you or me for years and years. Can we check his record Japan TODAY? Then what something pushed him over the edge? Of course I do not condone this heinous crime. I point out that just maybe there was a cultural element. The immeasurably sad loss of his two children and his wife (her children too, of course) point to the very real possibility that he came to realize that he had already lost them to the single custody rule. If so, he would have been 100% confident that the fad of false accusation of d.v. would have reduced visitation to nil, (since 'due process' and the need for evidence are completely circumvented in the Family Court). Even if visitation had been granted, it would have been minimal, and not backed up by any enforcement. His future was 99% locked into the 'patriarchal' world of work and earning a living for a family. Great! Except that now he was being discarded from his family. It is a cultural characteristic of Japan that the patriarchal world 'donates' nearly all its income to enable the 'matriarchal' home. And whilst thankfully we no longer frown on 'single mothers', it is unfortunate that the term has now assumed a status equivalent to something like 'victim and noble warrior against oppression'. A badge no doubt sometimes deserved, yet you can wear the exact same badge, even if you have discarded a perfectly reasonable spouse (okay), from his children (chronic emotional abuse).

The danger with assuming that there are always these types of men is not only that some of them are women, but that we don't think that we can do anything to prevent such heartbreaking outcomes. I think we can prevent some of these events by ending the matriarchy/patriarchy schism in Japan, not just in the work place, but also in the home.

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