Aso vows crackdown on mob loans after Mizuho chief testifies in Diet


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Good. More of this please, and no suspended sentences, either.

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Let me guess, Aso's going to leave it up to the banks and lenders to 'straighten things out', SUGGESTING they obey the law from here on in and be more transparent. Once they start actually arresting people for obviously breaking the law, yakuza included, I'll start believing things might change.

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You'd think the white suits, rolling r's and all the bling would give these gangsters away at the bank counter when they're lining up for a loan.

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I think he SHOULD be punished a little, but not resign. It create oppitunity for the worse elite to ripoff shareholders.

Unfortunately for 99.9% of humans, there are various evil excessively greedy people trying to ripoff others. In usa, it would be like way way over compensation of evil connected executives and director etc. Oil, lawyers, war machines, lobby, media, private federal reserve bank, pac, etc. I now believe usa invaded afghanistan since taliban profiteered from some opium instead of old traditional evil. Now afghan probably export 10-20 times as much and profiteer old evil, perhaps they were same profiteer from chinese opium war time.

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Means nothing, Abe said the same thing about Fukushima, all he did was turn up get into a white suit with his name mispelt and left. Nothing changed. The government is all talk

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“It is very difficult. There are many cases to be reviewed,” he said.

That's clearly an understatement! Mob and bank/companies/politician/loan sharks(I mean finance companies) etc have all been tied together now for decades, all this is another charade meant to look like they are doing something when they aren't really doing too much

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Here's an idea: Why not crack down on the mobs? I have no doubt there was a certain amount of intimidation from the mobsters to secure these loans.

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Their motto was go to Orico (consumer credit affiliate) if you're in a pinch.

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I wish him luck. This is going to take a long term, gritty effort. I doubt one PM can get the whole job done, they don't stay in office long enough.

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Fighting crime is a sovereign task which cannot be outsourced to private companies, especially when there is a massive conflict of interest like in this case. The banks here are the scapegoats for a state which is incapable of keeping up with it's tasks. It is the police who has to fight crime. And when the police needs the cooperation of the private sector, then they are responsible for providing accurate information. It must not be the task of the banks to collect and distribute the information internally and if such requirement is written into the law, it is flawed and must be corrected.

Last but not least, the very concept of this law calls for trouble. When a person is guilty of criminal acts, you prosecute that person. No need for any list. If an organization is involved in criminal activities, you prosecute the members of the organization. No need for any list. If you do not have sufficient evidence for criminal activities, then putting a person on such a (semi-) public list is a violation of human rights. Fighting crime, even organized crime, must not be a pretext for arbitrarily violating human rights. Obviously there is no judicial control of who gets onto this list as otherwise you could indict the person directly. Putting an innocent person on this list has the potential to destroy his/her economic and social basis.

It is the police who should finally do their job!

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Aso vows crackdown on mob loans after Mizuho chief testifies in Diet

I can't wait for the follow up to this one. Almost as good as Koizumi's Nuclear Zero Japan, after he insisted it was necessary!! I Love Politicians!!! So topical, so predicitable.

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@gonemad Finally, a sensible, well thought out opinion in contrast to the knee-jerk bank bashing that has accompanied recent news stories.

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