Assistant inspector arrested for shoplifting in Chiba


A 50-year-old assistant inspector has been arrested after he was seen shoplifting in a supermarket near JR Chiba Station. Chiba prefectural police told a news conference on Monday that the officer, who has been identified as Tatsuo Kanno, was seen by a store security guard putting a Japanese leek, beef jerky and other items into his bag. Police say the stolen goods had a total value of around 1,500 yen.

The security guard alerted the police, at which point Kanno tried to flee the scene. However, he was soon caught by the police and confessed to the crime, the prefectural police official said.

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soon caught by the police and confessed to the crime.

Of course he did. After ten minutes of intense screaming of "You did it, confess" he folded like a deck of cards.

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Another fine upstanding pillar of society - a policeman.............

Man this lot are twisted, coppers arn't supposed to steal they supposed to be on the other side of the bars but in this country it's not clear who the crims are and who the crims arn't.

Guess he will just get a pay cut for a week or two and won't be charged with theft.

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If an assistant inspector was struggling so much to make ends meat, how can the young generation survive? The shocking part of this story is that he ran away. A real man would stay and admit it. I hope nobody was hurt in the detention process.

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This cop had 110,000 YEN in his wallet when arrested. He just didin't want to pay according to his confession.

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Ah, another charming J-cop story. Really the world's finest.

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Must have been one hell of a thrill for the ol' guy....

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If an assistant inspector was struggling so much to make ends meat


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1,500yen's worth of rubbish to destroy your carreer. This fool is obviously not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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Keystones never cease to amaze... at least they are consistent .. Not a week goes by without some story like this

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is he that out of cash for an assistant inspector or somethin? unbelievable! I would believe if he has low profiled job... anyway... an inspector inspects what?

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Why would someone with that much money in their wallet steal what amounts to 1500 yen of garnish and snack foods?

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He stole some beef jerky.

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Beef jerky? Well, okay... no it's still wrong!

He should have grabbed a lemon chu-hi also. Or at least a beer.


Even though he is an idiot and I have to wonder what his motivation was, there's 2 things to bear in mind.

1) There's a lot of countries with cops that are a lot worse.

2) People like him are despised by the other 99.9% of the population. He is by no means "typical" of a) mainstream Japanese or b) Japanese police.

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He is by no means "typical" of a) mainstream Japanese or b) Japanese police.

False. the answer is (b) - it IS typical of Japanese police.

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