Assistant police inspector put uniform up for auction online


An assistant police inspector in Kofu, Yamanashi Prefecture, put a police uniform up for auction on an Internet auction site, prefectural police say.

According to officials, the 44-year-old man put the uniform up for auction late last year and then removed it before a winning bid was registered, NTV reported. An anonymous source later informed the police of the man's involvement and an investigation was launched.

Police say they are currently trying to establish how the man came into possession of the uniform, which is not his size, NTV reported.

A Yamanashi police spokesperson was quoted as saying, "There are privacy matters to be taken into consideration, so we will refrain from commenting at this time."

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"Police say they are currently trying to establish how the man came into possession of the uniform, which is not his size, NTV reported." Can't you just got to a uniform store and buy a uniform?

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I don't believe that police uniforms are for sale, so no. In my home country police uniforms are very closely monitored and accounted for. We don't want any 'fake' police officers running around.

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With what happened last year in my home country (Norway) freshly in mind, you definitely don't want random people getting a hold of police uniforms. The authorities are right to investigate that buffoon for putting a uniform up for sale, even though it wasn't actually sold.

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Geez... an assistant police inspector selling a uniform online, not his size... and they can't figure out how he got it?

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That bust must have disappointed a lot of male strippers who would have paid top dollar for that.

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Don't Japanese mom's sew in their son's name on a label in their shirts, and pants? I thought all Japanese mother's did that. They should look and then give it back to the real owner.

Also, if it was stolen, why hasn't the cop that lost it filed a missing uniform report?

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Not just police uniform, recently many employees put confidential company data, design, blueprint, or whatever they can have up on internet sites or selling them directly to anyone who would buy them.

Bankers' and businessman's greed did the job and either the penniless do it for for money or the not so poor for even more money and out of greed greed, they had idols to learn from, it will erode the whole business and the whole economy and security of country.

When law enforcement is in the line, there is not much hope. A certain layer of the society that is privileged by the law and equipped with fire arms now joined the harvesters. And this was not the only breach of the law or crimes that this privileged and high powered layer of the society committed. I read many more from stealing panties to murder. Good one, hello guys, welcome to the club.

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Aren't they paying him enough?

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I thought police or army uniforms are government issued?

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I know there are idiots in every country, but the idiots in Japan just strike me as more... idiotic!

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The last thing you want is wannabe JCops patrolling the streets.

They tightly control any police-related material here where I live. I remember when I was a member of the Civil Air Patrol, I was going to be marshalling aircraft at a search and rescue exercise and wanted to buy a couple of flashlights that had the red snap-on wand attachments on them (like are used for traffic control). The only place to get them locally was at a police supply store. The store would not sell them to me until I gave them my CAP ID card and they called our squadron's commander for confirmation.

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