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Author found strangled to death in Yokohama apartment


Police said Friday that a 51-year-old author was found strangled to death in his apartment in Yokohama on Thursday night.

According to police, the victim, identified as Toshiki Komazawa, was found in his apartment in Aoba Ward at about 8 p.m., NTV reported. Police had been contacted by Komazawa's relatives in Niigata Prefecture after they received a package from his 81-year-old mother. The package included personal effects, an ID card and a note saying "My son was strangled to death with a tie," according to NTV.

The mother is missing, police said.

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The article gives not enough background information to make sense of this. What did he write, did his writings offend the wrong people?

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Sounds like mum strangled him and commited suicide in some place remote - check the forest down by fuji

3 ( +4 / -1 )

weird... RIP Toshiki, hope mum is okay...

2 ( +4 / -2 )

Wow...if the mother killed him, that's one buff and ballsy 81 year old!

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Would be tough for an 81-year-old lady to strangle a 51-year-old man assuming he was physically okay. Perhaps she drugged him first.....

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It is a sad news for other authors who feel for the humanity.

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So many possible explanations its hardly worth speculating. But don't rule out the involvement of a third party.

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The mother killed him. Hope police catch the mother alive.

Moderator: That has not been proved.

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Strange! It makes no sense from the little information provided by this JT article. Author is strangled, ok. Mom has a package with her strangled son's ID card etc..??WTF??

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sounds like a plot of a book? :o

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