Bail set at ¥5 mil for actor Hirofumi Arai on sexual assault charge


The Tokyo District Court has approved a request for bail by Japanese actor Hirofumi Arai, who has been arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting a masseuse at his apartment in Tokyo last year.

Bail was set at 5 million yen for Arai, 40, who was arrested on Feb 1 and indicted on Feb 21 over the alleged assault at his residence in Setagaya Ward on July 1 last year, Fuji TV reported Thursday.

Arai has been accused of sexually assaulting the woman who was dispatched to his apartment. Police said he also turned the lights down in the room so that the woman wouldn’t recognize him.

Arai claims he was intoxicated at the time the assault took place. After his arrest, his management agency fired him. The release of his latest film, ”Zenaku no Kuzu,” was also canceled.

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speedy bail compared to how Japanese system treats foreigners...

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A "masseuse" lol....sure she was....

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Little side note Hirofumi Arai real name is Park Kyung-Sik, third generation Korean in Japan

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I guess he should have given her more money first

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macvFeb. 28  05:58 pm JST

“speedy bail compared to how Japanese system treats foreigners...”

Arai is technically a foreigner as he has Korean nationality. Although he was born and raised in Japan he hasn’t taken Japanese citizenship.

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Police said he also turned the lights down in the room so that the woman wouldn’t recognize him.

I don´t get this part of the criminal masterplan. She went to his apartment. Are there supposed to be a number of unknown people hanging out there?

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I suppose he didn’t use his very well-known name when he signed up for the establishment’s services (he signed a form acknowledging that he understood they offere only massages and not sexual services). Therefore if the woman didn’t get a good look at him in a dim room she might never realize who she’d been with.

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