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Balinese man gets 15 years prison for murdering Japanese couple


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15 years for killing two people? He will still be a young man when he gets out, but they will still be dead.

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So let me get this straight, they execute drug smugglers and give light sentence for robbery plus murder?

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Reckless my thoughts exactly. He would get a harsher sentence if he was found smoking a joint

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Ridiculous for an island that makes most of its revenue from tourism. At least Guam showed how much they respected after the man who killed Japanese tourists years back and gave him life.

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I'm with Reckless et al.   seems like a pretty light sentence.

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20 years for a few pills but 15 years for killing 2 people. Indonesia hang your head in shame.

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Ridiculous sentence

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Is this light sentence because he killed "foreigners' or because they think there was a manslaughter element to it all?

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Civitas Sine SuffragioToday 02:11 pm JST

Is this light sentence because he killed "foreigners' or because they think there was a manslaughter element to it all?

I don't see how there can be any possibilty of a manslaughter element. Apparently this is the maximum they give for this sort of thing, yet far harsher penalties for much lesser crimes.

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similar sentences don't occur in Japan?

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Only 15 years for Murdering Two Innocent People? This guy should get the "Death Penalty"!

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15 years imprisonment...

They had better have a brtual penal sytem in Indonesia.

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similar sentences don't occur in Japan?

No. The suspects gets the death penalty over there.

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what all you know about indonesian prison and law system?

especially bali kerobokan?

he wouldnt last a year inside there.

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