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Banking culture creates the crooks


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These low life need to have very strict reporting and controls imposed. All banks need to be tied up so every move is monitored.

The malpractice, fraud, lies, scams, rorts, deception, and theft that occurred in the build up to the 2008 collapse is reason enough, we need to make sure these aholes do not plunge the world back into another dark economic hole.

Any other industry where huge profits were so easily obtained would have tremendous rules and regulations surrounding it, I absolutely detest banks and bankers and would love to see this industry properly and effectively hobbled so it can only make token profits out of the rest of us.

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need vs greed, The desire for re election against the desire of money.

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Thumbs down, what ? You support these white collar thieves robbing stealing and crippling people for their greed?

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"need vs greed, The desire for re election against the desire of money."

Yes, it does sound awfully similar.

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