Bar employee wanted for murder of newspaper delivery woman


Police have put out a national alert for a man suspected in the murder of a local newspaper delivery woman in Fujigawaguchiko, Yamanashi Prefecture.

According to police, Tatsuo Tanaka, 57, an izakaya (Japanese pub) employee in Kofu City, is suspected of strangling 61-year-old Emiko Hirao with a plastic cord, and stealing several tens of thousands of yen on Jan 31.

Police questioned Tanaka after learning that the victim had visited the pub on many occasions. They were scheduled to question him again on Friday but he has vanished, police said.

Tanaka's mobile phone records show that he spoke to the victim numerous times before her death. DNA on Hirao's clothing was found to match that of Tanaka's, police said.

Tanaka is 164 cm tall, thin with salt-and-pepper hair. If you believe you've seen this man, notify Yamanashi Prefectural Police at 055-235-2121, or Fuji-Yoshida police at 0555-22-0110.

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They should consider this guy dangerous. Post his picture everywhere.

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I like this part :Police questioned Tanaka after learning... And now they are asking for public help! Who is paid to do mhe police work? Cops or public? The suspect is playing up mouse and cat. Certainly not sensible move by cops from the start. Im is a game like :' CTACH ME IF YOU CAN!' And than when the cops nab him they should let him go again and let prosecutor chase him up. 'SENSIBILA WILL HELP COPS A LOT.'

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Saw a bloke with salt and vinegar hair yesterday, maybe him?

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What the heck is wrong with some people?

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Ne? I am often baffled by the actions of the cops here. It seems they will sometimes go to the extreme when they are catching people for petty crimes but when it comes to more serious offenses and felony crimes, they mess up or don't do a darn thing. Weird. More and more I think they just go after the small time stuff that they know they can get a conviction on. I don't feel that the police force here is about safety or protection at all but is only concerned with numbers so they look good.

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Police questioned Tanaka after leaning that the victim


Thank you.

Moderator: Thanks for pointing out the typo. It has been fixed.

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If he is their number one suspect, why did they let him go?! Knowing the dodgy practices of the police here, they could have put this guy in a holding cell and questioned him for hours or even days!

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Amen, brother/sister my2sense. If you feel you really must find trouble, no better place than a cheap drinking establishment.

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a lot of dodginess, prepped robbery, inside jobs and love triangles happen in these.

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Let's hope they catch this filthy vermin.

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This is Japan. Within a day or so he'll walk into a koban and confess to it. I guess that's noble, but I've never quite understood the human psychology of it.

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salt-and-pepper hair.

No. Haven't seen him. But I'll make sure I watch every person I see, just incase it's him.

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