Bar owner found stabbed to death in Tokyo


Police in Tokyo are investigating the murder of a man whose body was found in the bar he managed in Shimokitazawa on Saturday.

The man’s body was found at around 11 a.m. by a representative of the real estate company that had leased the bar space to the victim. Kyodo News quoted police as saying that the victim, who was in his 40s, had been stabbed twice in the abdomen and that a bloodstained knife was left at the scene.

Police believe the victim was killed early Saturday morning after the bar had closed for business, and are examining street surveillance camera footage.

Police said they have learned that the victim was behind in the rent and that Saturday was the deadline he had been given before the lease contract would be terminated.

The building in which the bar is located is about 100 meters south of Shimokitazawa Station.

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Sounds like the loan sharks got to him. Hopefully the police find the punks who did this.

RIP poor bar owner.

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Yakuza or done to himself ?

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Why loan sharks or yakuza? That real estate company is clearly mentioned, including that the dead line was set by them on the same day, not set by any loan sharks or yaks.

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Was he owner or managing the bar? There seems to be some dissonance twixt headline and first sentence?

Very much doubt if the estate agents would bother bumping him off, easier to terminate the contract and lock him out. Also most loan sharks have more sense than to kill the golden goose, just keep racking up the interest and the victim is on the hook for life, a regular if not steady income. Rational if not moral approach also used by banks.

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Shimokita was recently placed #7 in the annual Time Out ‘world’s coolest neighbourhoods’ ranking.

Everywhere has a seedy underbelly.

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Stabbed twice in the abdomen, going broke, last day to pay the bills?


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Shimokita was recently placed #7 in the annual Time Out ‘world’s coolest neighbourhoods’ ranking.

and Shimokitazawa has been on the front page of CNN news for a few days now - for its "quality of life" including the local bars -

back to the sad death of worker in a bar behind on its rent. In Japan, "loan sharks", "yakuza", and "real estate companies" are each entirely different things, but they sometimes work together, especially in the case of delinquent tenants where property laws don't work. JT's report fails to mention that the victim had been dead for a couple of days. Even so, it's unusual that someone sent the bad boys in before the real estate guys checked that the victim hadn't actually paid his rent.
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blaming the underworld just to say "Japan is safe" - kinda like how America likes to say "gang-related" to excuse crime happening in their cities. Japan is not safe.

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And who's going to pay now for the rental fee?

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