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Barclays executive says acted on orders on Libor to manipulate interest rates


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What an utter banker.

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Liars, cheats and theives these bankers, there is no other word for them other than the word that starts with W and sounds like Bankers.

I would love to see this industry cleaned up once and for all and all these scum bags in disguise heavily regulated and hobbled so they can no longer screw the public.

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Storm in a teacup.

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The 1% who does wrong impact the image of the 99% who does good.

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These banking system is a cartel that breaks laws after laws of every nations in the world, it's the new world order.

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Put them all in jail for life. Closed Barclay and never again to operate. This are the companies causing economic turmoil in the world.

@Ninoh...yes New World order, even Obama had mention that words in some of his speech. Beware of MASONRY. The author of The New World Order.

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