Belongings likely linked to victims of Zama serial murders found


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I haven't been following this. Were the victims all women?

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Eight women and one man (the boyfriend of one of the victims)

Nope, male remains were also found but majority were female.

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1 male, not mentioned so much but it appears he raped the girls before killing and dismembering them in his bath. Disposal was simply putting chunks of them in garbage bags. Quite a spree.

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Not so sure about raping as he stripped meat and mostly preserved bones.

Did he admit/confess to the rapes?

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How appalling, that (at least) nine people disappeared, and it took the police until the ninth one to find this guy, despite the presumably glaring connection of their Twitter posts. Those poor people.

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Yet, identities of the victims is still unknown.

Sorry, real life is not like CSI etc shows where tests are done fast and culprits are apprehended within 2-3 days.

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Is it plausible to think all the victims were willing participants that wanted to die? The more information that comes out about this, the more bizarre it becomes.

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The photo makes me sorry for the other people that live in the apartment building. (Of course much more sorry for the victims) Not only do they have to think about what happened on the other side of the wall, but they have media trucks parked outside around the clock. The police tape makes me wonder if they even have access to their belongings.

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The police did not find the guy, the brother of one of the victims did.

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Definitely he raped or sexually assaulted depending upon personal sensitivities the last victim as he admitted it. The others I'm assuming also. But could be wrong, something seriously snapped with this man 9 people in 8 weeks. Heads in ice boxes body parts all in a small one room appartment. Defies any rational explanation.

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Why so many nutters around...first Sagawa and then this?(except Hannibal Sagawa is still roaming the streets!)

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Same ratio to nutters globally.

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I'm sure glad the Japanese are treating this one seriously. One guy did something like this in France and when he came back to Japan, he made guest appearances on TV shows.

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All the information todate shows the victims all wanted to commit suicide so this guy helped them out - makes you wonder if this guy hadn't "done it" would they have done themselves in anyway.

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This is one sick individual !

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Sorry, I ment to say one very very sick individual

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makes you wonder if this guy hadn't "done it" would they have done themselves in anyway.

With help, none of them would have killed themselves.

A great pity that this loser nut job was the only person reaching out to them.

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I read this article wondering where they found the belongings, which will be vital overall in the investigation into the identities of the victims, but that was the one thing it does not tell us. Two of the phones rang 'nearby' in an indeterminate space, is about all we are getting here.

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@nanda, that's why I regret not studying Nihonggo. Just relying on English websites like JT won't let us know the detailed news. The TV talk shows would have a very detailed discussions on this horrendous crime.

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“I read this article wondering where they found the belongings”

Perhaps the article has been modified since you read it? (I didn’t read it earlier.) Anyway, as it says:

“Investigators believe the evidence collected at the suspect's apartment, including a bank card, are possessions of five women.”

And that is consistent with the J news reports I’ve seen that say they found pursss, cards, and such in the apartment.

The thing with the phones is that they had traced the phone usage to near the apartment, i.e. victims were probably using their phones until shortly before they arrived at his place.

Andrew Crisp,

”All the information todate shows the victims all wanted to commit suicide so this guy helped them out”

Actually, he is now said to have said that even though he lured the victims through their desire to commit suicide, none of them seriously wanted to die. Also that he lied to them about having his own suicidal desires and that he had no intention whatsoever of joining them in death.

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I think they said on the news this morning that at least two of them were high school students

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trinklets2, & Educator60, many thanks for the kind follow-up. Now I can 'see' the scene a little better.

My next question becomes why it took the police so long to 'discover' these articles in an apartment the size of a generous rabbit hutch.

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When items are found and when information is released to the public aren’t necessarily the same. Anyway, I don’t know the exact timeline in this case, whether it was early or late.

In any case one victim has been been positively identified and her name and photo released. It’s the 23-year-old whose brother supplied much of the info that led to this case being brought to light. They already have a good idea as to who many of the others are and I expect more to be confirmed soon.

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Why not just associate the killing to the killers name alone... it is unfair to call it a "Zama serial killer" which is a great misfortune for the victims and law abiding townspeople of Zama (or any location of crime.)

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