Bitcoin exchange CEO charged with embezzlement


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"Bitcoins are not backed by any government or central bank, unlike traditional currencies."

All global currencies are fiat now since removal of the gold standard, just print print print Dollars-Yen you name it. This guy could well be up to no good but he also could have been singled out by the real crooked bankers of the world to be made an example of.IMO

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I agree with you about the fiat currency part.

However, Karpeles on the other hand, I believe stole the 3.something bitcoin I had with Mt.Gox, which I was trying to move to another wallet, and when I couldn't, I was trying to convert to fiat money and transfereed to my bank account, but got stonewalled right up until all the Mt.Gox scandal became public.

3.something bitcoin doesn't sound like much, but at the time it was worth around £1000 GBP, which I was hoping to retrieve at the time.

So, here's hoping that at least if I don't get my BTC back, that there's enough evidence to reveal exactly where all that BTC went, and that Karpeles, if found guilty, enjoys his stay in Japanese prison.

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