'Black widow' charged over death of husband No. 4


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"reportedly amassed one billion yen in insurance and other payouts over 10 years as a result of the death of a string of husbands and lovers"

What were the cops and insurance companies doing for the last ten years? And it goes unnoticed?

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The next death was supposed to be the one of the Black Widow herself. Her daughter didn't have time to finish the job...

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where she reportedly stipulated that prospective partners should be wealthy and childless.

red flag much? This case is so bizarre. It still amazes me she could get this far and kill so many.

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“I want to make it clear. I am not the type of woman who wishes to remarry. As it happens, people that I met happened to have a strong desire to marry,” she said.

So that excuses killing them?

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In a case that has gripped Japan,

If this case has "gripped"! Just lol!

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She wasn't "all that". What did the poor old geezers see in her?!

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Could we possibly have some kind of decency here? Kakehi-san has not yet been found guilty of any crime, so surely she should be granted the right to remain innocent until proven guilty? We all know that the Japanese police usually extract guilty pleas from anyone arrested, given enough time, that is, and that the local press normally trumpet the guilt of all who the cops happen to nab, but couldn't we please at least pretend to believe in due process?

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too much of a coincidence, all her partners die within a year of being with her and cyanide being a common link in msny of them. Nope, doesnt take s genius to see that she brnefitted in gaining 100s million yen from each death either PSandoz.

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Wonder what she intends to do with the billions...

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I hope they show her some decency and at least give her the date of when she is going to hang.

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Japanese media now saying that after days of denial, she is now beginning to fess up to involvement in the death of her last husband.

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