Blood-soaked man brandishing knife turns himself in at police station after slashing father


A man has been arrested for the attempted murder of his father at their home in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, police said Monday.

According to police, the suspect, who has been named as 33-year-old Hiroyuki Shigeta, attacked his 65-year-old father, Yasuhiko Shigeta, with a knife on Sunday night.

TBS quoted police as saying that Shigeta left the home immediately following the alleged attack, still covered in his father's blood and carrying the knife, and walked to a nearby police station to turn himself in.

During police questioning, Shigeta was quoted as saying, "I got angry at my father."

Police said that Shigeta will undergo a mental exmaination in order to ascertain whether or not he can be held responsible for his actions.

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Shigeta will undergo a mental exmaination - pity he didnt get that prior to killing his father.

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attempted murder

He didn't kill him...

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Shigeta was quoted as saying, “I got angry at my father...because he told me to put down the game controller and get a job"

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"Mental illness" - good way to get away with blue murder (apparently he didn't finish the job according to the title....)

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I walked past the koban outside Hiratsuka station on Sunday night, a little bit tipsy, as always, and I was gonna go in and ask where Saizeria was (after all, that's what kobans are for, right?), when I thought, hang about, what are all these police cars doing here with their flashing lights, and why are there so many cops on the street, with stab proof vests; surely not a stolen bike blitz at this time of night? Better not go in, just in case there's some "knife-wielding nutter" in there. My exact thoughts! And, as it turns out, there was! I didn't go in. I'm still alive to tell the tale. Never did find Saizeria though. Had to make do with an onigiri, some yakitori and another coupla cans, from the ii kibun place. Hope the old fella pulls through.

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I hope that if this man is mentally ill he get's the right help he needs or he could possibly hurt/kill someone.

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Is all of your generation that prejudiced, sensei258?

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