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Bloodstains found in car of man held over 2 burnt bodies in Tochigi


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Gangster killings probably over 'protection' money.

We do not know that. Clearly an organized hit, but who is behind it we do not know. According to the media, they were involved in disputes with other businesses in the area.

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It surely was a hit. It might not be Yakuza., though. A lot of these crime groups that are local only exist these days.

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Yeah, Sven.

Best they just continue to rely on 23 days of questioning with no access to legal counsel and a resulting “confession”.

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Gangster killings probably over 'protection' money.

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love when people would like to teach the police on how to do their job!

And what's so wrong with that? Learning and providing teaching is a life-long process, also -or especially- for police officers. Without the help of public and only the theories from the academy they would solve only a percentage of open cases in a lower one digit range.

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last confirmed sighting of them alive showed them with several other individuals

seems like the police are on the case...

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love when people would like to teach the police on how to do their job!

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Rather unprofessional of the police to be disclosing this information before the suspect is indicted.

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There are important details missing from this story as is often the case with Japanese reporting. The problem stems from Police censorship of news release.

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