Bodies of two brothers in their 50s found in Osaka home


Police in Osaka are investigating the death of two brothers aged 56 and 57, whose bodies were found in their home on Saturday, in what police believe was a murder-suicide.

According to police, a caregiver called 110 at around 7:35 p.m. on Saturday after finding the bodies at the house in Nishiyodogawa Ward, Fuji TV reported. She told police that she had not been able to contact the residents for three days and had come over to see if they were alright.

Police said there were no external signs of injuries on either man, nor had the house been ransacked. The doors and windows were all locked, but the caregiver had a key.

Both bodies were lying face-up on futons in a room on the second floor. One body had a towel wrapped around the face, while the other sibling had a plastic bag over his head.

Police said an autopsy will be held to determine how the brothers died.

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All these happening in an apparently very rich country, highly educated people and innovators, just exactly why are we, humans, think of ourselves as " advanced" and " civilized " ?.

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Why did they need a caregiver?

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Why did they need a caregiver?

Perhaps they had health problems, otherwise 56 and 57 year olds would obviously not need one.

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ALL comments above concerning these brothers’ choices made out of some kind of desperation are both “reflective and compassionate” yet, ALL are “downvoted”? - (Says more about the ‘voter’, no longer present.)

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Why did they need a caregiver?

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No one needs a caregiver for nothing. That's why we are paying Kaigo Hoken.

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It’s not always as it looks like. With having a key and showing a reaction only after three long days, she’s surely an interview candidate, if not already a suspect. I smell a crime, not a double suicide. Look, if they still had some health, they wouldn’t kill themselves, or only one of them and you would find much of a CO gas , bbq set etc. or a poison or anything in that towel or a medication in the stomachs.... But if they were really helpless and couldn’t even move , then who put the bag over the head? Even younger people with let’s say stiff shoulders wouldn’t get such a bag correctly and closing over the head. And so on....something is strange in that case.

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This is a crime, and i would start with the caregiver or people around this person. 56 and 57 Y O even if they were sick !? still capable making choices and if they were in a severely bad mental condition then why are they alone at home?

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^^^" if they were in a severely bad mental condition then why are they alone at home?"

You know this is Japan, right?

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Come on we all KNOW what happened here, one brother had severe health issues, the other was stressed out & this was their way out, this happens all the time here!

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At 56 and 57 years old I would only think the only reason why they needed a caregiver was their parents were probably too old to care for them, or the were probably deceased. Like most Japanese they don't want to bother people and they did what they thought was best and to end their lives.

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