Body found in burned-out taxi


The body of a man was found in the burned-out wreck of a taxi in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, on Monday night, police said Tuesday.

Police said they received a report of a taxi on fire on a road just after 9 p.m. Police arrived to find a privately-owned taxi ablaze, and when the fire was extinguished, they discovered what they believe to be the body of 56-year-old driver Minoru Kashiwagi.

According to investigations, Kashiwagi's older brother confirmed the man had been sleeping at their home early Sunday morning, but didn't know of his whereabouts since that time.

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smoking while sleeping ???? cigarette lighter ???

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Didn't they have a similar incident last week? Burned out taxi + driver inside. Think it was near Hiratsuka. Which is not too far from Fujisawa. Could be somebody with a rather brutal mo.

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debts owed?

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Wow, what a horrible way to die. I hope the cops find out what happened here, even if it was just an accident.

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@whiskeysour: Nah doubt it. It would take too long, he would of woke up and got out before the taxi went ablaze. It's a shame because we will prolly never hear any follow ups either.

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I lived in that area and I saw Taxi drivers sleeping in thier taxi`s all the time, especially when on a break.

I think it`s quite common to do it, how ever this will be an interesting outcome.

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Actually I take that back. It could be very possible. Thinking back to what's usually in a taxi, they have tons of those upholstery cloth covers, and plastic all over the place. That cab may have went up in flames within a min or two.

The man owned his own Taxi, so he was probably working long shifts to make money. Hence why his bother said he hadn't seen him in over a day. Over tired maybe, caught a fatal nap with a cig in the mouth. Ouch that sucks.

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They need to check to see if there was a Hibachi in the car too.

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Did he have his taxi fare money bag with him? Surely that would have been the first thing they would look for. - I get sick of reading half-baked articles. I'm not blaming JT as such. The Japanese media is not much better.

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