Body found in storage container in Oita


Police in Oita said Friday that a body found in a rented storage container on Wednesday is that of an adult male who was apparently stabbed to death.

An autopsy of the heavily decomposed remains carried out on Thursday revealed that the victim was likely to have been a man in his 40s, TBS quoted police as saying. Police said he had sustained several deep stab wounds to his torso.

The body was discovered after the container owners could not contact the individual currently renting it. Police described the missing individual as a man in his 30s.

The container owners decided to empty the container on April 8, but due to an odor coming from inside the box, which measured just 3 square meters, they decided to consult police who found the remains.

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Yuck. I pity the police that had to open the container. And needless to say I pity the victim.

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i pity the fool

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The smell of death is quite unmistakable. A few years ago the old guy living downstairs died alone and was not discovered until the stench rose to our floor five days later. Hope they locate the murderer and discover the circumstances of this death.

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@Disillusioned- what an amazing story, thank you for sharing. I'm so glad that you decided that was worth posting for everyone to read. It really illustrates your personal connection to this story- that you smelled the scent of a dead body once. Incredible.

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Depending on the circumstances the person was murdered, he could of been a helpless victim or some type of serial killer. Either way, I hope he did not die in after being put in the storage container. That is pretty painful way to die. The JP's will eventually figure out who he was and we will read about it later this year on JT.

@Yamamoto- I take it you have never smelled a rotting dead body before. It is something you will never forget in your life. Other stories on JT have folks always complaining about odors in their buildings which usually end up with bodies being discovered.

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I wonder how you rent one of those boxes. Would you need some ID like a drivers licence? Just joining a video shop you do. Seems odd.

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Who has access to key for the storage container but the renter and owner?

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Sounds like a soured yak connection.

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Odor is almost always a bad sign...

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Oita indeed.

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