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Body found wrapped in plastic in Fukuoka river


Police said Tuesday that a body wrapped in plastic has been found in a river in Fukuoka.

According to police, the body of a man was found in a river in Yanagawa at around 5:30 p.m. by a man who was fishing on Monday.

TBS quoted police as saying that due to the condition of the body, the cause of death was not immediately apparent, although officers say the man had been bound with rope.

Fukuoka prefectural police said the incident is being treated as a case of unauthorised disposal of a corpse.

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Open and shut case, obviously suicide :)

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Fukuoka prefectural police said the incident is being treated as a case of unauthorised disposal of a corpse.

So much for assuming the worst.

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So much for assuming the worst.

So much for stating the obvious. (fixed)

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According to police he was killed beaten with a blunt instrument to the head. Hope they catch the murderer.

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Kyushuu area yakuza are getting increasingly violent these days

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My hunch is that the local yakuza want to send their enemies a clear message ?? Warning ??

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I may be wrong but it seems that many murders are only treated as unlawful disposal of a corpse.

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So much for stating the obvious. (fixed)

I don't understand.

People jump at murder, but its not exactly cheap to "properly" dispose of a body. So it is possible that an old man died of natural causes and someone in the family wrapped the body and dumped it.

I am just saying that I find it horrible that the police seem to jump at the best possible scenario for themselves. If they don't begin with murder, they will botch it if it is murder.

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Probably the body was in a shallow grave and with all the rains, it got washed into the river. Bound and in a plastic bag, probably murder. But it kind of depends on how the body was bond. Not enough information to conclude anything but the body was improperly disposed, obviously. There isn't going to be much in the way clues.

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@ Kent - they always say that until they are finished gathering evidence etc. Then the charges will be updated.

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Argus, they are not, it was always been like that. More or less frequently reported, more or less frequently investigated by the police, but the yakuza keeps on doing their stuff.

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if there is a case of dumping a body because it's too expensive to bury / creminate them, that is so sad.

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