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Body of 60-year-old man found in his house in Shiga Prefecture


The body of a 60-year-old man was found by his relatives in his house in Otsu, Shiga, on Sunday.

Police said Hiroshi Shinjo was found lying face down in the living room on the first floor at around 4 p.m., Kyodo News reported. He had wounds on his upper body and had been dead for several days, police said, adding the front door was unlocked.

There were no signs of a struggle or that the house had been ransacked, police said.

Shinjo has a 53-year-old wife but she is currently living in another residence for her work. She told police she hadn't heard from her husband for several days.

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A hit perhaps, but ordered by whom?

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In more recent news it is being reported that they were separated and he lived alone. A restaurant owner.

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Out for several days, too, and within the same time frame? What an improbable incident. I guess she has a few contributions to the case.

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Mystery! Wounds on his upper body, but no signs of a struggle!(?)

His wife was 'out' when the body was found.


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