Body of decapitated cat found in Tokyo's Itabashi Ward


The body of a decapitated cat was found in the bicycle parking lot of an apartment building in Tokyo's Itabashi Ward on Thursday, police said.

Police said they received a call at around 4 p.m., reporting the grisly discovery. Fuji TV quoted police as saying the cat was found, likely not long after its death, and that its head had apparently been severed with a knife.

Police said they are investigating to see if there is any link between this incident and several similar cases in Nerima Ward earlier this year. On April 9, a decapitated cat was found in the school grounds of an elementary school in Asahigaoka; on April 15, a dead cat was found on a street. Police said it had been kicked to death. On April 25, a dead cat was found at the entrance to an elementary school in Sakuradai. On April 27, a decapitated pigeon was discovered near an apartment complex in Itabashi Ward.

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Those who abuse innocent animals are just gearing up to abuse innocent humans. Find this psychopathetic now!

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Yep, another murderer in training

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Anyone know what part of Itabashi? I can't seem to find that info anywhere.

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Find this kid/person and deal with it. Dont just brush it under the carpet as they will otherwise grow up to be a psychopath who will move onto humans.

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Do all sociopaths study the same killer-in-training manual?

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Another one? I really don't want to know what goes on in some people's heads that make them want to kill and mutilate animals like this... a sick, twisted monster that's for sure. As others have said, get the nutjob now before he does it to dogs and than small children.

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This is a terrible abuse of an animal but isn't this a rather trivial news item for a city of millions? There are assaults, rapes, and other crimes of much greater significance that are not being covered. That said the person that did this needs help.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

There are assaults, rapes, and other crimes of much greater significance that are not being covered.

Are there? Can you point at some examples on other news sites?

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Two months ago I found a decapitated chicken size bird at my garage , probably a cat , Japanese man or other animal brought it ...!!!

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"You shoot small animals for fun?! That's the first indicator of a serial killer, you freak!" -Glenn Quagmire (as C3PO ) from the Family Guy episode "Blue Harvest (a Star Wars parody)

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What do you mean a murderer 'in training' my dear fellow Gobshite? The crim IS a murderer.

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Rest in Peace to this poor, innocent cat. I hope he did not suffer too much, though obviously there must have been some pain. Hopefully the local shrine will put on a funeral service for him and locals will turn out to pay their respects. And more importantly - that the evil sadist is caught soon before he inevitably kills animal or human again.

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BD, the article does not say if either the cat or the perp is a he or a she.

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Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz and Jeffrey Dahmer have more in common than just being serial killers. These three murderers are also connected by the fact that each of them tortured and/or killed animals during their childhoods. "Researchers as well as FBI and other law enforcement agencies nationwide have linked animal cruelty to domestic violence, child abuse, serial killings

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Poor kitty.

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Just give me the name of the dude. I will know to make real justice. This piece of garbage is NOT needed anywhere on this planet.

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this also happened in Kita ku not long ago

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Psychologically people who harm animals often go on to harm humans. Maybe when they are found they should have a part of their body amputated and see how they like it?

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