Body of man with multiple stab wounds found in Tokyo hotel


Police said Monday they are investigating the murder of a man who was found stabbed to death in a business hotel in Taito Ward on Sunday.

The body of 67-year-old Takeyuki Iizuka was found lying face up on his futon with multiple stab wounds in his neck, some as deep as 10 centimeters. A hotel employee testified he saw Iizuka walking down a hallway in the hotel at around 8 a.m., and police believe he was stabbed sometime between then and noon.

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Let me guess...Japanese police suspect foul play?

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Don't most hotels have some type of cam security on each floor?

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Gosh! Sounds like this dead guy had some really angry business partners? RIP dead dude in biz. hotel.

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retirednavygaijin - Let me guess...Japanese police suspect foul play?

It could be a very cleverly concealed suicide or even an accident. "He fell on the knife 47 times officer."

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retirednavygaijin - I think the J-cops have pretty much closed the case and are thinking he died of natural causes.

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Sounds like something out of a Detective Conan comic. I always thought those murder cases were unrealistic, but now I have to wonder.

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