Body of newborn baby found in woman's refrigerator


A 42-year-old woman has been arrested after the body of a newborn baby boy was found in her refrigerator at her home in Tokyo, police said Thursday.

The woman, who has been named as Emika Terada, told police that she gave birth to the child alone at her Toshima Ward home on Sept 17, TBS reported. She was quoted as saying that because the child wasn't breathing, she wrapped him in a blanket and placed him in her refrigerator because she didn't know what to do.

According to police, a male acquaintance of Terada informed a doctor that she had given birth and had placed the body in a refrigerator. The doctor notified police.

Terada also has an 11-year-old son who lives with her.

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Not again.....awful!!! What is going on inside these women's mind??? How could they do this? That's inhumane!

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Isn't it more humane to have an abortion?

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if she does not have health insurance...she can't pay for hospital delivery...about 600,000 Yen up. And no hospital will take her if she did not have the monthly check-up and weekly check up ( urine test, blood test, and all other test the hospitals can come up) which is about 200,000 yen up if she has no gov't provided health coupons...Pregnancy test alone cost 30,000 yen in this country and is not covered by insurance.

Get pregnant? prepare 1M yen. Government will give you 420,000 yen plus 80,000 worth of coupon. The rest pay for it, not to mention you have to pay health insurance around 200,000 Yen in a year plus ward tax too if you want to be eligible to this gov't support of 500,000 Yen

Complications arise in all pregnancy. Blaming the woman for having a stillbirth is inhumane. I think she is suffering enough that's why she told somebody about her ordeal.

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I feel sorry for the 11 year old son.

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Don't know what to do should not equal putting the baby in the fridge! WTH!! If insurance was a deciding factor, it shouldn't have been! Having insurance or not, she should have called an ambulance or taken the baby to the hospital. The baby could have been stillborn but what if the baby was alive? What if he/she just needed an extra spank on the butt to get him/her to cry?

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Is this becoming a daily thing? Btw 42 and getting pregnant is also pretty dangerous btw

-4 ( +2 / -6 )

WTF?? is this the world we live in today? I'm starting to build up a ball of anger towards these types of crime. I am hearing about it everyday...I really wish a meteor slam into the wrath someday and takes all humanity out and resets the whole evolution thing again. We humans have no dignity left. These are the end of days.... but I never thought I was going to read about it like this. C'mon already.....

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

NOT AGAIN~!! You know she lying!! Japan's govermnet, yall better put your Mother's in check!! For realz...

-9 ( +3 / -11 )

Again and again! Yeah, it happens all over the world, but not every bloody day! Oh, and by the way, babies don't breath when they are born. You have to clear the airway so they can breath you stupid bitch! And, because stupidity is not illegal her with murder.

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Again and again and again and again.

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Well, at least with this daily report of "mom's gone bad" it sounds like she didn't murder the infant. She still should have immediately called an ambulance and/or police, insurance or not, to ask what she should do and have them rush over. There's got to be something people without health insurance can do in such situations. I mean, the nation is facing a pretty horrible future with the ageing population and no babies being born, so can't there be more help for aspiring mothers?

If she's charged with anything at all it'll likely be wrongful abandoment of a corpse, or whatever it's called.

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42 years old, and you're that dumb?...try calling the ambulance...try admitting yourself into a hospital a few days or even hours before...ANYTHING!!!!

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That's the first thing i would think about, putting the baby in the refrigerator, or you could look up the phone number to call the paramedics on your smartphone! stupid excuse!

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It appears that Japan needs to take a real good look at the everyday citizen and their needs. Are there no social services to assist people in need? I always say that we need to be more proactive and less reactive but it appears that the government doesn't react at all. We can say all we want that she should have called for an ambluance but the real question is WHY she didn't. Financial? Fear? Shame? If help was available and encouraged do we really think that this would have happened? This woman already has an 11 yr old child, I'm sure she already knows what to expect with birthing a child and just was not prepared for a stillbirth. And if insurance and her financial situation was in fact the reason, as suggested in an earlier post, for her laboring at home then she was probably confused as what to do next.

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Gives new meaning to the term Baby Food....

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

Why do mothers think they have to give birth at home? Is there no support system? Money problems? I just don't understand why this must happen in 2012?

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What a sick society we live in....

Still birth or not, mother of 42 should know how to call 119.

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"Complications arise in all pregnancy. Blaming the woman for having a stillbirth is inhumane. I think she is suffering enough that's why she told somebody about her ordeal."

OMG. mikihouse. Too much prune-juice for you.

No, complications don't arise in all pregnancy, derp. Inhuman is stuffing the baby in the freezer. SHE said it was dead. But this is a woman who stuck a baby in the freezer one month ago. Why?? Otsumame? She is 42 and you think she is...what...a victim of circumstance?

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Infanticide and child abuse on a nearly daily basis. Japanese society must be on a downward, hopeless spiral.

-4 ( +0 / -4 )

Again, these people need help. We need to pay more attention to helping people in our community.

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I know a Japanese woman who gave birth to her only child ALONE in home! Fortunately the kid survived and is normal very much same as a kid born in hospital. This woman is from a wealthy family and gave birth after planning for months and got all the videos, instructions and medications to do that from a religious group!! Which means giving birth to a kid at home all alone is supported and instructed by a bunch of sick people!!! And the father was in trouble at city office when they went to register the kid as there was no birth certificate or correct birth time to prove that the kid is their own and born at home.....God that was a mess and I recall this case whenever I read such stories....RIP baby, this kid deserved more than to be just placed in a refrigerator!!!

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To all those who are decrying women giving birth outside the hospital, what do you think we as humans did before there were midwives or hospitals? That said, as long as the umbilical was still connected and the placenta hadn't detached yet, the baby didn't NEED to be breathing. The mother could have called 119 and at least gotten instructions over the phone what to do before just giving up and putting the child in the freezer.

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A. She is already a mother so should have some common sense B. What rational person goes hmm there's something wrong with this baby its not breathing Eureka! The refrigerator is where it should go! C.Since no other information was given you can only speculate the circumstances of insurance or regular hospital visits. D. She was wrong.

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Terrible story. What did the 11-year-old think every time he opened the fridge to get a drink or some food?

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Infantcide Japanese Style

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