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Body of woman found wrapped in duvet at home


The body of a woman wrapped in a duvet has been found in her home in Chiba City, police said Saturday.

According to police, the body of 65-year-old Sachiko Ashihara was discovered on Friday morning when district court staff visited her property to evict her, Sankei Shimbun reported. Her body was discovered wrapped in a plastic sheet and a duvet. Police say it had been placed on a terry blanket in the center of a room.

Police said that Ashihara's remains were partially decomposed, but no obvious signs of injury were visible. It is believed that Ashihara shared the apartment with her 38-year-old son, although police say they have not been able to contact the man and that his current whereabouts is unknown, Sankei reported.

Police say they are currently treating the case as one of unauthorized disposal of a corpse.

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Police say they are currently treating the case as one of unauthorized disposal of a corpse.

Should this read, Police say they are currently treating the case as one that will end up with a slap on the wrists.

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what the heck is a duvet?

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You can get a way with murder in Japan so long as you nicely place the body in a meaningful and respectful way like you just could afford to pay for a real funeral.

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a duvet is the large thick blanket you put on top of a thinner blanket on your bed.

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I was wondering what was a duvet also,But it was just a blanket so is a killing just a killing.

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Maybe he killed her, but at that age, there are also more and more chances to die naturally. He could have had no money for a funeral, or wanted to keep getting her social security check, or just be weird and not know how to handle it when someone dies. As always, incomplete story.

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If the authorities were there to evict her, I’m guessing nonpayment of rent? Was she getting any kind of financial assistance? Was the son keeping it for his own use? Or, was the son her sole means of support? Where is the son? Where are the missing pieces of this story?

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FYI: a duvet is what used to be called a continental quilt; in other words a futon (kakebuton) that needs a cover, so in this case, it was probably a standard Japanese futon, but the story must have been written or edited by a European.

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How about Murder instead of illegal corspe disposal ?

Autopsy is needed !!!!

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What the heck is a duvet?

Should we Google for you, Sir?

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