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Naoya Inoue holds his championship belts after the WBA/WBC/IBF bantamweight title unification boxing match with Philippines' Nonito Donaire in Saitama on Tuesday. Image: AP/Hiro Komae

Boxing champ Inoue's home burgled during fight


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Japanese boxing champion Naoya Inoue reacted with horror

I find this truly difficult to believe!

The unbeaten Japan boxing great tweeted in annoyance in an apparent reference to the incident.

Annoyance? Go from outright "horror" to mere "annoyance" in what a matter of minutes perhaps? Yeah right!

I'll bet he was far from annoyed and down right pissed-off, rather than any "horror".

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On Tuesday, two men were seen fleeing in a white vehicle after they allegedly prised open the door to Inoue's home, TBS said, adding that police are still pursuing the duo.

Like that? No security? It happens in the U.S. too while sports players are playing or on TV attending events and it always the jewelry first.

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Maybe with enough publicity, the items will be returned? I think a lot of used luxury goods in Japan end up being sold online to overseas buyers by a few big companies.

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Completely believable that “Horror, annoyance and disgust” would fair reactions for any father and husband.

Inoue’s been married since 2015, has three children, a son born in 2017, and two daughters, born 2019 and 2021.

Any burglary is a physical and emotional violation of the sanctity of a family’s home.

The man cares most about his family, not some expensive goods.

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The Japanese news said that the Secom alarm went off, but the thieves finished their business within the 5 minutes or so it took the security guys to show up. Pros.

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Realizing someone has opened the door to your house, and has stolen my best things and invaded my privacy…its not cause for horror?

Cmon man

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Big news indeed! Makes him and boxing even more relevant these days...

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

"reacted with horror" is the creation of the author of this article, Inoue just tweeted:


I saw the news, what a disgusting thing on a celebration day. Everybody be careful!

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They will get arrested and end up serving as punching bags for Inoue.

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It’s common in Europe and the US for athlete’s homes to be burgled while playing, especially away games.

Athletes have a generally predictable schedule, and are fairly wealthy, which makes them attractive targets for thieves.

-4 ( +4 / -8 )

So much for having Alsok in charge of home security.

-3 ( +7 / -10 )

He can afford expensive items, but not a SECOM security system....

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I hope the boxer gets his Gucci and LV handbags back.

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Extremely rare in Japan. How did they know he had that stuff? Sounds like insider knowledge or some kind of surveillance information on him.

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Extremely rare in Japan. How did they know he had that stuff? 

Multimillionaire, world champion boxers are not exactly known for an austere lifestyle. Luxury goods and jewellery are par for the course.

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Nobody is immune, unless of course you are rich enough to have armed guards at your house.

-8 ( +1 / -9 )

“Reacted with horror”

just how wire agencies spice things up

never let the facts stand in the way of a good story

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Leave him alone with the burglars in a locked cage for 5 minutes and call it even.

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Agreed with @timeon. The security staff shows up very quickly, but I guess in this case the criminals must’ve had information or exact knowledge about the valuables and their location as well as how to access the house very fast. In most such similar cases they are no complete strangers, but known or once met and invited people , like poorer family members , friends, former party guests, not so successful co-mates from the same sports, feeling underpaid trainers, massaging staff etc. , and of course those successful people also often visit some certain girlies or women and then when drunken tell them too much about what they own or where they live and so on, and then those have the surrounding crime helpers as they don’t do it themselves.

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Happy Day

Leave him alone with the burglars in a locked cage for 5 minutes and call it even.

That is a good idea, but it should be several rounds. I'd be surprised if the burglars landed any meaningful punches. I took some boxing lessons for a summer as a teenager. Sparred with the trainer's son (who was a state champ) a few times. He was so fast and moved so quickly I could never really land punches. Humbling experience to say the least. Lol.

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CrashTestDummyToday  11:23 am JST

Extremely rare in Japan. How did they know he had that stuff? Sounds like insider knowledge or some kind of surveillance information on him.

The fiction that is japan.

Japan was never perfect, isn't perfect, and never will be perfect.

Crime happens in japan every single day. All kinds of crime. From misdemeanors to felonies.

Difference being between japan vs Western countries is that crime in japan isn't splashed on tv 24/7. Rather, japan tends to hide the crime within its borders to give the appearance of social harmony. It's just a facade. Granted, Tokyo isn't like London, but crime still happens in japan.

My in-laws had their house burglerd on two different occasions. Myself, had things stolen off my balcony. My bikes stolen. In addition to being a victim of petty crime on a few different occasions.

And not to mention my friends.

Also, my workplace the othet day had to have the police over to investigate an incident.

So yeah, hmm. Japan crime-free? Not by a long shot.

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Is burgled even a word? I would have thought burglarized.. lol..whatever.

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How good are the security cameras and systems in Japan? Considering there are so many ways to have alerts sent to your smartphone or family's phones see what is going on and contact the local authorities to intercept the perps.

Better safe than sorry. Here we have RING doorbells and apps etc to help either prevent or be notified of incidents like this happening while away from home.

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Burgled is used throughout the English speaking world, burglarized is used in the USA though not exclusively.

Boxing champ Inoue's home burgled during fight

Well you wouldn’t want to burgle his home when he was there, especially given the power of his punch!

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@CrashTestDummy I agree with the insider knowledge job but saying "they must have had some kind of surveillance information on him blows my mind!! Its obvious if the guy is fighting a championship bout on a given day you know he will not be home?????? Wouldn't that seem to be the most obvious time so why surveil him?

Extremely rare in Japan. How did they know he had that stuff? Sounds like insider knowledge or some kind of surveillance information on him.

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Something doesn't smell right here. Either an inside job by who knew of the scripted fight, or a promoter marketing ploy to draw attention to this otherwise mediocre fight

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This happens not infrequently to famous people in the US. Criminals are clever. If they know you are somewhere else then your place is more likely to be empty of people, thus making it easier to steal your stuff.

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Something doesn't smell right here.

Um yeah, a guy's house got burgled. That's not right. There's a whole article on it that you maybe didn't read. Or if you're insinuating that someone had inside information to know he wouldn't be home, well it was not a secret mate. Quite the opposite. No one needed inside information for that.

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Crime it's getting worse in Japan.

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