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Brazilian police arrest man suspected of triple murder in Japan


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how old is he now?

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Such a shame Brazil and Japan don't have an extradition treaty so this monster can be brought back here and hung from the neck. There is a very real chance he will be released and slaughter more children. Rest in Peace to the innocent victims.

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Police say Neves could be sentenced to up to 90 years in jail. But under Brazilian law no one can serve more than 30 years in prison.

So what would be the purpose of a 90 year sentence then?

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Brazilian citizens cannot be extradited to any country. It's against they're constitution.

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The only exception is when a naturalized citizen has committed a crime before he or she was naturalized and cases involving illegal drugs.

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no justice at all tsk.. tsk...

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So this guy ran back to Brazil to evade justice? What a coward. Dispatch a team from Japan to go and get him, then send Japan's new carrier to sail into Rio's harbor to show that Tokyo doesn't play.

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Marjorie Layante: "no justice at all tsk.. tsk..."

I don't know about that -- he'll have to try and live out 30 years in a Brazilian prison. I mean look at Japanese law by comparison -- you can beat a guy to death with a bat and get a suspended sentence! This guy will get his just desserts, I'm sure.

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Considering the prison system he's about to go to, he might want to reconsider that whole extradition part. He'd be lucky if he lasts more than a month.

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Brazilian prisons really depend on how much money you have. They are extremely corrupt; well-off inmates often have their own apartment-style units with cellphones, internet, and even firearms. It's a continuous source of scandal (reports on these things pop up every few months in O Globo or other media outlets), but nothing ever seems to change.

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I will give you guys an idea of what it's gonna really happen to him and his family: even if he was sentenced to a thousand years, he can't spend more than 30 years according to the Brazilians Constitution. Here comes the part you will wan to puke: Human Rights organizations have made so many ammendments to the Constitution, that he is eligible to parole after 1/6 of these 30 years. In other words, if he behaves OK in prison, he will spend maximum 6 years jailed. Puke #2: the time from the moment he was arrested also counts as time made in prison, after he was sentenced. E.G., if from the day of the arrest to the day of his sentence it took 2 years, he will end up staying 4 years jailed. And most judges freedom during trial, he has just to appear in front of the judge between his arrest and his sentence. And there are endless appeals that take decades. So you see that this man will hardly spend one single in prison. Adding insult to injury, puke #3: convicted men in Brazil are PAID a salary, more than minimum wage, if he is convicted. Yes, his family will receive a monthly deposit in their bank of choice. This is not the Human Rights acting only. It is also one of the facets of the current leftist populist administration. You read in newspapers every now and then: a murderer and his family gets around 3 minimum salaries, with Prison Voucher, Poverty Voucher (that increases according to the number of children in the house) and other official Vouchers. In short, a murderer lives better than the victim's family, which has not only to deal with the loss, but also is not eliglble to anything, no official Voucher whatsoever. This is worse than Argentina and Venezuela together, we say. So, are you still thinking of visiting Rio?

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Don't worry Brazil has some of the worst prisons in world- Candiru is rated worst- you won't have to worry about the length of prison term- he might not last 5 years. Prosecute him in Brazil and he will regret escaping to Brazil.

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He actually may never get convicted, Brazil is a country where men have claimed Crimes of Passion in the past as the defense- and have been set free.

so if he can prove that he was convinced that the wife was unfaithful or was leaving him for no good reason he might get free.

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**letsberealisticAUG. 17, 2013 - 07:18PM JST BurakuminDes

Yeah! Have him hung drawn and quartered and we''l all come down to the town centre and cheer. A primitive mind-set society no-longer needs thank you.**

Awesome story dude.

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