Brazilian held over fatal hit-and-run in Nagoya


Aichi prefectural police said Monday they have arrested a Brazilian national in connection with a hit-and-run that left a 19-year-old college student dead in Nagoya City’s Kita Ward on Sunday morning.

TV Asahi reported that the 47-year-old Brazilian man apparently struck the student, who was riding a bike, at around 4 a.m., and continued driving after the fatal collision. Police say the suspect did not have a driver’s license and was driving against the flow of traffic at the time of the accident.

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If it was a hit and run, how was he caught? Come on, more info!

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Wow! This sounds like one drunk ass idiot Brasileiro, but just because one burajirujin is stupid does not mean they all are, many Brazilians I know very good people and hard workers, RIP 19 yeard Japanese college student down in Nagoya.

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another one? Last year another Brazilian killed 1 or 2 persons in a hit and run also in Nagoya. what are the odds.

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Papi, in Nagoya? Rather high! Huge Brazilians population.

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Tragic. Hope the lemmings don't condem all Brazilians for this idiotic accident.

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The headline looks like they are trying to do exactly that. Agree with you though jforce.

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Why do the japanese media identify foreigners by country when reporting incidents of this nature. Couldn't the headline and article just said, "male arrested in hit and run fatality". The phobia regarding the foreign devils will never die,with this sort of journalism.

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On a Sunday at around 4 am? Fresh and overtired from work or sleepy and drugged/drunk from wherever? Surely being a Nikkeijin is a lot of fun, huh! And media identification by nationality is not just a monopoly of Jpeople, in my country as in other countries, headline news almost always pinpoint the nationality of the perpetrator if he is foreign.

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So many hypocritcal posters on this site. When a Japanese person does something bad, people go on about how bad Japan and the Japanese are. When a foreigner does something wrong, it's only one foreigner. And the Japanese are so bad.

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In Japan 93.2% of hit and run offenders are caught. (2008 data) Always stop when you have an accident and call authorities.

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Less per capita crimes are committed by non Japanese than by Japanese. More than 50% of non Japanese crimes are for visa violations.

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@Elbuda I have read and re read this article and see no reference to drunk driving, only the fact he did not have a licence and he was driving against the flow of traffic, which is probably why he left the scene

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@ minello7 "Why do the japanese media identify foreigners by country when reporting incidents of this nature. Couldn't the headline and article just said, "male arrested in hit and run fatality". The phobia regarding the foreign devils will never die,with this sort of journalism."

....that is just the tip of the should compare JN judicial outcomes for non Japanese of similar crimes.

"In 2005, a United Nations special rapporteur on racism and xenophobia expressed concerns about "deep and profound" racism in Japan and insufficient government recognition of the problem"


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Most of the Brazilian guys in my town put their wives on a mini-bus and send them to work while they drink beer outside the conbini. He should have been doing that and he would be fine and a student alive. Not a smart man.

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Hategobo, I think we have to READ between the lines, late at night, this fool is driving on the wrong side of the road, come on, the fool was most likely coming home after drinking and then he had this terrible accident, which gives the rest of the hard working Brazilians a bad reputation, which they do not deserve. RIP dead university stundent

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But then again, who would expect anybody to ride a bicycle at 4 am in the morning?

It is too bad that this accident happened and I feel sorry for all the other brazileiros living here and getting the blame again. RIP student

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minello7: Couldn't the headline and article just said, "male arrested in hit and run fatality". Using this argument why does it matter that it was a 19 year old college student in Nagoya? Or that he was riding a bike? Do you really think other countries don't report the nationalities of those involved in crime?

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driving against the flow of traffic at the time of the accident.

Something not right here. People usually don't do that!


but just because one burajirujin is stupid does not mean they all are

What? No stereotyping? You've turned over a new leaf! I bet you'd be frothing at the mouth if the driver was from a neighboring Asian country.

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First of all, this is a tragedy to both, condoleance to the young student's family ! At 4:00am in the morning ? What did they do to be out on the street ? The Brazilian man would probably not expect to hit someone at 4:00am even he risked to take a shortcut in a deserted street.

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Wow! This sounds like one drunk ass idiot Brasileiro, but just because one burajirujin is stupid does not mean they all are...

Nobody has said all Brazilians are stupid, but you're denying it anyway. Nobody said he was drunk, but you're diagnosing the suspect as being so.

Here's an alternate possibility: Guy was tired and unconsciously reverted to what he was used to back in Brazil... driving on the RIGHT-SIDE of the road.

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Why do the japanese media identify foreigners by country when reporting incidents of this nature.

Actually why don't you ask the owners of this site? Because as far as I can see, it's mostly aimed at foreign readers and I think it is foreign owned as well. If this is true, shock and horror, there are foreigners mentioning nationalities too...

Oddly enough, it is the norm for overseas newspapers to specify nationality when it's not local. If they went a step further and mentioned skin colour, I'd say that's racist.

While we are discussing the matter of racism, it would seem that you are singling out the Japanese for something everybody else does.

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Myself, I'm amazed at how well Japanese men restrain themselves... you rarely every read about a woman in Japan being raped. I read so often about foreigners commiting crimes....

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This wouldn't be news if it didn't have the word "Brazilian" in it.

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But you could replace Brazilian with "Brit, Frenchman" or heaven forbid "US Service member" and the news sites lap it up. Japanese on Japanese hit & run... don't worry about it.

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His choices were to either run and maybe get railroaded or stop and definitely get railroaded. Strangely, he ran.

Driving without a license is definitely wrong. What it means that he was driving against the flow of traffic, I don't even know. Drunk? No idea. But you will notice there is not one peep about what the bicyclist was doing. If the bicyclist was wearing black, riding with no lights or reflectors, going 40 kph downhill while running a red light and that is why the driver swerved and drove against traffic but still hit him, it would still be considered the driver's fault. Therefore, we don't talk about the cyclist.

I am not saying who was at fault here. I am saying that there is no way to tell. And only a fool trusts the authorities, with their chalk marks and measuring tape. They are complete idiots.

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This Brazilian, just sounds like a total idiot! I do not buy the he was too tired and just forgot he was in Japan and started driving on the Brazilian side of the road in the middle of Nagoya crap. I have forgotten what side of the road to drive on but in the middle of no where, say like on Sado ga shima, Nigata prefecture, but once you see a car coming, OH this is Japan, holy shit! I am on the wrong side KICKS IN and you go back to the correct lane, but sadly enough down in Nagoya and in most of Aichi prefecture many Brazilians do have a bad reputation and thanks to this idiot, well that reputation is only going to get worse and worse.

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How much traffic would he see at 4am in Nagoya? We also don't know how LONG he was driving on the wrong side of the road before hitting the cyclist. It may have been something as simple as him making a turn and going to the right side instead of the left when completing the turn and immediately hitting the cyclist. We don't know. There are too many possibilities that could contribute to this accident for us to make statements like "sounds like he was drunk".

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The news in a brazilian website:

Guys, it's shameful how this Japan Today site is lacking in information. I'm brazilian who also had lived in Japan, and now in Canada. You can translate the above article(it's in Portuguese language), to have a better understanding of the crime. In short, the brazilian had not driving license. If that wasn't enough, his car's Insurance(Shaken) was expired. Before hitting the cyclist, he had hit a car. Then, he run away and entered in a street against the traffic flow, and hit the cyclist. It was the driver who was hit who took note of the criminal's license plate and reported to the police. Nobody knows what the 19-year-old cyclist was doing at almost 4:00 in the morning...well, it was on Sunday morning, so he might be just going back home from some friend's party, or girlfriend? Or could have been a pervert who had just stolen some female underwears in the neighbourhood(it's a very common crime in Japan) and was trying to run away?'s not the point here. The point is that a licenseless driver was driving a car(against the traffic flow) with its expired Insurance, hit and killed a cyclist, Very shameful. Unfortunatelly, we hear several similar cases of crimes commited by brazilians in Japan, and when I was living in Japan, I was embarassed to say I'm brazilian. Thank God this criminal has been caught. Sorry if my English is confusing or inaccurate.

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Thank you kochikame. It is nice to know the extent of his crimes. I stand by my earlier comments, because I knew little when I made them. Now I know. This guy deserves all he gets.

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Thank you so much Kochikame San for the detailed info.

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Kochikame san, MUITO OBRIGADO! Just as I suspected, this guy, driving on the wrong side, no drivers license etc..etc..sounds well like a total idiot, this guy did not need alcohol to be doing such stupid things, and I am not Brazilian is quit close to Mexican so I also feel ashamed and I hope our Japanese amigos understand that most of us Latin people here in Japan are hard workers, try to get along with the Japanese, try to respect this country and culture and its laws but we always have a tarado, doido?? Sorry my Portuguese is a bit rusty amigo Kochikame, and well the bad apples in our communities in the eyes of the Japanese make us all guilty, but the Japanese also have to cool down, because Japanese do plenty of stupid things outside of Japan, my family has many lawyers in Mexico and I hear lots of horrible things that YAKUZA try to do in Mexico, luckily we can pick out a Japanese yakuza a mile away and we let them have fun in our wonderful jails south of the border. AND Kochikame san your English is way better than my wife's!

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The headline does look like if the reporter wanted to display the nationality more than the actual crime, funny that If you read only the headline you wouldn't even know the driver's gender!! but it looks like it didn't matter because the most important was to display the nationality. I work in night clubs in Nagoya and see several guys, Japaneses and many nationalities who come drink alcohol and drive home afterwards and I also see plenty of car accidents, people driving crazy making a lot of stupid mistakes while driving around this crazy city of Nagoya that could lead to a fatal episode so it could have been anyone, unfortunately for the Brazilian citizens that idiot happened to be the one who caused something tragic to a Japanese national in Japan territory making all the good Brazilian citizens in Japan ashamed. With some of the comments here you can tell that in ANY nationality there are and there will always have the good people and the bad ones.

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