Brutally killed kittens, monkey with arrow in head found in Fukuoka, Shiga


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Cases like these often escalate to humans-hope this killer is found quickly....

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kurisupisuToday 07:18 am JSTCases like these often escalate to humans-hope this killer is found quickly....

I agree. Incidents like this will increase until this psycho is caught. And the person doing this is one real sick puppy.

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a psychopath is born

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Forget about progressing to murdering humans. The fact that this psycho is torturing animals is bad enough.

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If they are connected then most likely, it will be sexually repressed male who lives alone or with parents only is probably killing these animals. Someone needs to find them soon before they graduate to young girls because that is the modus operandi of cowards in Japan.

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No way these are all the same perp.

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Seems like nobody read the article. There were 2 cases, one in Fukuoka and one in Shiga. That means 2 perps, unless one guy killed the kittens in the evening and then raced up to Shiga with a bow and arrow and immediately found a hapless monkey in the morning.

The 2 cases are different as well. I am more frightened by the mind of a cat torturer than of a monkey poacher, though obviously both are awful.

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The kitten killer sounds ruthless. The monkey story though may have been an accident. Monkeys sometimes get into peoples gardens in Hikone and someone may have just tried to kill it and didn’t quite hit the mark.

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"Brutally killed..." as opposed to what? Gently murdered? Softly snuffed out?

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Maybe barbarically or perhaps sadistically killed might have been better, MJ. (?)

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