Bullet train services disrupted after passenger found with knife


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New category: pointless. From false news to sensationalism only. It’s incomplete & senseless.

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How did they find the knife?

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How do you “find a man carrying a knife”?

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How big was the knife?

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What if he had just purchased the knife and was on his way home with it? I mean, he didn't do anything wrong or bad with it!

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It's hard to travel as an Iron Chef these days in Japan, ne?

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It is a bit strange that on this site, catering mostly to foreigners, it is not mentioned that the passenger was a foreigner. Apparently he was holding the knife in his hand, the conductor noticed him and called the police. The guy said that the knife was dirty and he took it out to wash it??

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Not all knives come in "packages" or with receipts when just purchased.

But we still are lacking many facts.

Type of knife?

Length of knife stored and open?

Was the blade out?

Did the passenger have a bag or pack where it could have been stored?

General description of the passenger. Did he seem deranged, uncooperative? Any excuse provided?

Since these haven't been placed in the story, I suspect one or more of these details would make someone appear foolish, probably NOT the passenger.

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Can you carry nasal hair trimmers onboard?

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Educator 60

Perhaps you are right. But I'm willing to believe it was a small knife/knife-like object that someone saw and alerted the fuzz, blowing it out of proportion in lieu of the past event. Surely if he had no intent nor injured anyone, the cozzers should let him off with a warning.

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Strange story.  Someone fill in the facts please.

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I usually have a knife because I go hiking, scuba diving or earthquake preparation. Must be more to this story.

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"He told police he was just cleaning his knife."


Sorry. Just had to shout that but, in Japan, same as cleaning your gun on the NYC subway and the story, really, is a bit absurd even with the most recent event. Where was he from? Definitely a good lesson in the differences perception of the same object can make, a common tool or a deadly weapon. A "fruit knife"?

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It was probably some nail clippers.

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Sir Bently,

If you carry on your way home a just-purchased knife, still in packaging and within bags in a reasonable manner, not visible, and in possession of receipt showing date of purchase, you will generally have no problem. The fact that it was noticed he had a knife indicates not all those conditions were met.

Madden, no one needs to cut food on a Shinkansen train.

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The real question is, how many were not caught carrying a knife on the shinkansen? There are many paranoid whackos carrying knives around in Japan believing it is for protection.

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Knife need to be in a package and not in owner's hand. New safety rule ongoing since last incident.

Right or wrong ?

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You should be very careful about “usually having a knife” in Japan.

You DO NOT want to be charged with breaking the swords and firearms act law. That is serious prison time.

My friend told me about a guy he knew who was caught with a sword in his car. He was on his way home after showing it off to people. He got years in prison. Very harsh imo

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There's probably more to this story, you can't just "find" a knife randomly so unless it was a truly innocent mistake (like cutting up food), the guy probably wanted to make a statement about bringing knives on the shinkansen after the previous incident and had it in plain view to cause trouble.

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The guy who owns the knife lacked common sense obviously.

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