Cambodia deports 19 Japanese cybercrime scam suspects


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Great stuff!

no phones for them in Japan jails hopefully!

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They got free airplane ride back to Japan, considering the air fare lately, they are really lucky!

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It sounds like they may be victims themselves.

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They got free airplane ride back to Japan

better that, they don’t have rot in a Khmer jail where life expectancy is probably less than ten years, methinks.

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"It sounds like they may be victims themselves."

the result of increasing HIKIKOMORI etc.

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They deserve hefty jail sentence in Cambodia. Eye for an eye - tooth for a tooth!

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For those saying, "They got what they deserve," did you even read the article??

It really does seem like they might be victims themselves.

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Good job Cambodia. Arrest the victims and not the ringleaders. It sounds like the only way for japan to get them out was to issue arrest warrants and have them extradited. I could be wrong but…

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Good job from the Cambodian police,now just imagine if it was the other way around...

The politicians and Japanese media would blame the gaijin as always.

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Such activities appear to have declined recently in Sihanoukville but persist in other places, including in Myanmar near the border with Thailand. In many cases, these operations are controlled by Chinese organized crime groups.”

Correction: … they are controlled by Japanese organised crime groups such as yakuza.

A huge number of Japanese people, 19, are caught in Cambodia for scam, thank you Cambodia.

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sakurasukiApr. 12  07:03 am JST

They got free airplane ride back to Japan, considering the air fare lately, they are really lucky!

Oh no the police will go after the family of these men and try and get them to pay up for sure. From my understanding being in a prison here that prisoners must pay for their own prison gear, no smoking, no extras and they must work to pay for anything that is permitted.

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So what happened to the people who were holding them and threatening violence? It seems they got away.

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Why not do what Singapore does, and put them in front of a loaded Gun and shoot them ?

Cyber crime destroys more lives than drugs. So should be classified as such.

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