Cambodian court convicts 2 Japanese of murdering taxi driver


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way too lenient with these scumbags

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Those two should have been executed, this crime was particularly heinous and brutal.

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They got off way too lucky. People were paid off in this one for sure.

But anyway 2 young Japanese guys in Cambodian prison for ten years, they'll be extra lucky to make it out alive or with their sanity intact

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A life of a person is just worth USD 25K. What's wrong with the justice court. Stupid justice system!

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A decade sounds too lenient. Then again, this is a Cambodian prison.

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Hopefully the compensation will be paid quickly. Maybe Japan needs a fund to pay for overseas crimes where the perp cannot pay.

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Speaking outside the courtroom after the ruling, Sok Chanroeun said she was happy with the conviction, but expressed dissatisfaction over the compensation.

When you value money over the loss of a family man. He worked to take care of his wife and 4 kids. I hope these immature rejected homunculi learn a valuable lesson in prison.

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Anything less than life for premeditated murder and some cases of second degree murder is not justice. These guys will be out in 10 years and taxi driver will still be dead.

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Given Cambodia's high regard for Japan, which has provided development assistance to the country to help it rebuild from decades of civil war, the case sent shockwaves across the local community. Attention has been focused on the verdict.

I am wondering it was because of this that they got off easily. I am curious what a local would get doing a similar crime.

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No, the life of a person in this case is worth 13/10 years. That's the real punishment, not the compensation figure.

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But anyway 2 young Japanese guys in Cambodian prison for ten years, they'll be extra lucky to make it out alive or with their sanity intact

They don't seem very sane to begin with..

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In my mind logic if an attacker uses an object or weapon that can kill a person, and by some luck that person survives, the attacker should not be able to claim they didn't intend kill the victim.

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ooooh...ouch that hurts. In a Cambodian prison too, but then again it could have been much worse landing in Brazil or North Korea. Forget sanity, they will never be the same and sadly could not make it out if released from there after 10yrs in Japan.

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Japan is helping countries like laos and Cambodia in there infrastructure, so giving death penalty to them will strain thier relationship. So the judges are lenient I guess

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