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Cameraman accused of murdering Kanazawa housewife rearrested


The former NHK cameraman who was arrested for dumping the body of a Kanazawa housewife at the coast, was rearrested by police on Tuesday and charged with robbing and murdering the woman.

The man, who has been identified as Yasutaka Wako, 35, is believed to have received 8 million yen from the woman as a loan. Police believe he squandered the money gambling and was unable to pay it back. After the woman demanded the return of the money, Wako allegedly cut her throat with a knife on the evening of Feb 6.

According to police, Wako still denies the charges, and was quoted as saying, "That's not what happened."

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why was he let go in the first place? did he make bail on the original charges? were charges even filed in the first place? There's lot of key information missing here...

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Rearrested or served a 2nd warrant/charge?

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I'm confused...isn't dumping a human body a jail-able offense? You guys are right, there is a lot of missing information here! This article needs a rewrite.

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I believe he has been in jail since being arrested for dumping her body.

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You cannot be "arrested" if you are already in custody. However, you could be arraigned on additional charges.

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One more reason never to lend money. This is no way to treat someone who trusted you with her money.

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@PepinGalarga: Actually, in Japan you can be arrested even though you are being held on another charge. It's a querk in their system, they serve you with a new warrant and say "Taiho shimasu". @LoneWolfwfk: Abandoment of a body is a very serious charge in Japan and that is what they usually charge you with first if you are suspected of murdering someone and not reporting to the police where to body is. It seems easy to proove and gives the cops time to get evidence (or confession) on the more serious charges.

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