Car being chased by police plunges into sea, killing driver


A man was killed after the car he was driving plunged into the sea while he was being chased by a police car in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, on Thursday morning.

According to police, the incident occurred at around 3:40 a.m. at Kotoura harbor. Fuji TV reported that the car being chased by a patrol car jumped over the curb and plunged into the sea. It took about two hours to recover the body of the driver, a 71-year-old man, police said.

Police said the chase began after a patrol spotted the car in the parking lot of a hotel in neighboring Tamano town. When an officer approached the car to question the driver, the car sped off.

Police the pursuing police car had its siren on during the chase.

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There's not nearly enough information on this story, Why the chase? what is so suspicious about a car in a parking lot?

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Apparently he was in an argument with woman earlier that evening, and someone called the police. That's when they found him in the parking lot. When the police tried to question him on the incident that was reported, he fled.

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@Mirai Hayashi That only raises more questions. Who is the woman? Why did he feel it was necessary to flee? Had he been drinking or did he simply just lose control?

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He gets this week's Darwin Award.

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He was probably drunk and in fear of going to jail so he fled.

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"the car being chased by a patrol car jumped over the curb and plunged into the sea."

reads like he definately wanted to get way or another...


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looks like a suicidal incident

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71-year-old man, police said.

Made it that far to go out like that.

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Wow !: KOOL ! Just like in the MOVIES ! That must have been SOMETHING to see. He went out like a MOVIE Star, I bet that's what he was thinking.

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Japan has always been too strict and somewhat irrational in its use of authority, and its only getting worse. People are fleeing more because they suspect they are in for a trip through the wringer.

Japan's sole saving grace is that there are not so many cops out there roaming around making people nervous....except for Chiba pref...never been hassled as much as there.

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