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Ghosn's wife says she wasn't in the loop about his escape

By Kazuhiro Nogi

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Airport security rules meant large items loaded onto private planes were exempt from screening -- a loophole that appears to have allowed Ghosn to escape unnoticed.

SMH....And they never saw this as a problem??

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adding that it was the "only choice possible."

of course it was!

"Fleeing was the only possible choice as he saw his trial being postponed indefinitely and he was being detained in conditions that deprived him of his rights with the aim of dehumanising him.


"Carlos cannot plead guilty for things he did not do," Carole Ghosn said, adding that her husband was the "victim of an industrial plot and the war between Renault and Nissan."


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No one knows whether she was involved or not unless full investigations go.

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this is interesting!


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"Fleeing was the only possible choice as he saw his trial being postponed indefinitely and he was being detained in conditions that deprived him of his rights with the aim of dehumanising him.

Being arrested repeatedly and being incarcerated without trial and now the MOJ want to do the same to the wife?

Japan is just a worldwide embarrassment.....

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Just like the mafia, if they can't go after you, they go after your family.

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the disgraced executive

Huh? Man is becoming my hero, a symbol of freedom and justice

Japan is just a worldwide embarrassment.....

No, just its justice systems.

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I wonder how long it will be before Japan issues arrest warrants for the rest of Ghosn's family for hostage negotiations. I guess they will also go after Kelly and his family next.

The fact that the government and Nissan is working together on this shows the whole trial was a scam.

It has been verified that over 80 Nissan executives including Saikawa to have done the same accounting practices, yet only Ghosn was arrested. The interim chief from Renault raised questions about this to the Nissan board, and he was immediately removed the same month.

The MOJ and Nissan are embarrassments! LOL!

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I don't think his wife will go back to Japan.

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This article is misleading.  The arrest warrant is not for her being in the loop.  It is about her false testimonies in court.

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She also conspired with the accountant in Beirut to falsify documents to hide the money Ghosn had embezzled from Nissan and transferred to a paper company then transferred to his own company.

She had committed perjury by stated she had no knowledge about the accountant but the prosecutors found digital evidence on her phone that she had actually made calls to the person several times before she was asked in for questioning.

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So the Japan prosecutors are like the mafia??? If they can't go after you, they'll go after your family!!

How pathetic!!!

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No one is involved, not even Ghosn. What happened is a myth. Only lord knows.

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My concern is if he was inside the box, loaded onto a private plane to Turkey, did he stay in the box the whole time, or did someone let him out? If he was loaded into the cargo of the plane, did he have access to the main plane?

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Considering Ghosn was banned from contacting his wife at all under the ridiculous terms of his bail it is 100% acceptable that she was not ‘in the loop’ of him fleeing the hostage justice system.

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Huh? Man is becoming my hero, a symbol of freedom and justice

Let's not confuse malicious prosecution and justice. While the overzealous prosecution brought it on themselves. Ghosn is still just another crooked businessman. There is nothing heroic about his actions. A billionaire that just implicated middle class people in his attempts to flee. So while he won't be facing any real justice and will live out on luxury, the everyday people that helped him won't have the same luxury. Also, he still misappropriated corporate funds.

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He rode the Shinkansen? I wonder how he was able to disguise himself. I'm thinking a beard, stache, mask, sunglasses, or a full on Mission Impossible level disguise.

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JalapenoToday 12:47 pm JST

He rode the Shinkansen? 

NHK reported the conditions of the bail here.


It said that a court approval was required when he makes a trip for 3 days or more. Any trip abroad was prohibited. So, he was free to go on a 2 day trip in Japan.

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Ghosn is a REFUGEE, an ASYLUM SEEKER from the hostage "justice" system. Shame on the J-prosecutors and Nissan co-conspirators.

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@Herve LEisa


Please research the definition of the word.

You can't seek asylum in your own country. Also, you can't seek asylum running from a foreign country. Lastly, Ghson persecution doesn't fall under any of the grounds for asylum. These are race, caste, nationality, religion, political opinions and participation in any particular social group or social activities.

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Anyone know where to watch the speech online (10pm) ive been seaching but cant find who is going to cover it/upload to youtube.?

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What's her false testimony?

And if so, why did they wait till now?

If they knew it's always been false, why didn't they do it earlier?

They had all this time between the testimony and Ghosn's escape.

Did it only become false when Ghosn escaped?

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